A secret Mountain Merlot, available in few cases!

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Katsaros Merlot 2008
A secret Mountain Merlot, available in few cases!





"Katsaros Merlot 2008 is a wine of class, a real mountain Merlot which, having
lost its baby fat, offers now its sensual side, ready to beautifully complement
any serious meat-eating occasion. In the start, dark fruit and spices. Then chocolate and
herbs. Juicy wine, intense and delicious at its plateau of enjoyment and at a great
price point as well." 

Yiannis Karakasis MW



Katsaros Merlot 2008 | 25.90€




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Merlot is a misunderstood variety that is very often being used
as a blending component of Cabernet Sauvignon; on its own it is
responsible of either simple fruity wines or complex, complete wines for the
long run. There is no middle way for a 100% Merlot, with the top
wines costing a small fortune, making these bottles the object of desire
for many consumers. Petrus, Le Pin, Masseto, L'Aparrita are some of the
most sought after examples.


 In Greece there are some excellent expressions of the variety, however,
Merlot needs cold and altitude to bring out wines of structure and avoid a
strawberry jammy character. Today, we in Greece and Grapes we climb to
700 meters altitude, in the unique terroir of Krania in the foothills of
Mt Olympus, where besides the celebrated Katsaros Estate Red based
on Cabernet Sauvignon, a distinctive structured Merlot is produced from the
same boutique winery. The 2008 Katsaros Merlot is offered in just a few
cases in a killer price.


*How to enjoy the wine*
Decant for an hour. Use big Bordeaux glasses. Pair with simple dishes, such
as pizza, sausages and a juicy burger or more complex dishes, such as roasted duck or beef Wellington.


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