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Xinomavro Wines

Xinomavro Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose, Blanc de noir, Sparkling, Dessert
Categories: PDO Naoussa, PDO Amynteo, PDO Goumenissa,/a>, PDO Rapsani

Description: This is perhaps the most important and dynamic Greek, red variety. Grown primarily in northern Greece, located in the areas of Parikia and Amynteo. It produces fine red wines with great ageing abilities, distinctive style and medium-intensity red colour, aromas that refer to tomato, olive and ripe red fruits, with distinctive acidity and sourness, coming from its richness in tannins. At higher altitudes, the grapes of Xinomavro give very special rosé and superb sparkling wines.
Hetero was created by Maria Tamiolaki and Dimitris Mansolas, who follow the model of Gypsy Winemaking, ie the production of wines in areas of Greece that have been selected for their uniqueness and wine value. Utilizing the facilities of selected wineries in each area, Hetero Wines has full supervis..
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Deep red color, with mature aromas of sour cherry, cherry jam, sweet spices, tomato paste and olive. Mouth filled with “fleshy” tannins, rich, long aftertaste with intense aromas of vanilla, chocolate and coffee...
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Rather dark red color with highlights of onion peel and varietal typical aromas: tomato, red forest fruits, olive, chocolate, tobacco and spices. Elegant and strong mouth feel, in a well evolved and mature wine...
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For Kir Yianni's Naoussa the winemaker selects vineyards of the estate and wider of the zone of Naoussa, mainly young, which present a strong aromatic potential and are located mainly in soils of light to moderate mechanical composition. The result is a Xinomavro of remarkable elegance.In the glass ..
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It is truly admirable how Thymiopoulos manages to give his Naoussa such precise balance, delicacy and fruit maturity. This wine has a cool climate character and despite the fact that it is light, it has substance, thus showing off the power and energy of the mountainous terroir. It has beautiful flo..
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Ruby color with red brick hues and aromas with emphasis on sweet tomato, ripe sour cherries , prunes, vanilla and violet. Velvety mouth-feel with melted tannins, easy-to-drink and elegant...
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In the glass we find a deep pink color. In the aromatic character we find wild red raspberry, tomato, strawberry, with hints of herbs following. On the palate the body is moderate, with pleasant acidity, subtle tannins and a good lasting aftertaste...
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In the glass we find a soft color. In the aromatic character we find notes of dried tomato, red fruits, apricot, flowers, with a subtle vegetality following. On the palate the body is moderate, with lively acidity and a good aftertaste...
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Ruby color with brick red hues. Typical Xinomavro aromas as sweet tomato, ripe cherries, prunes, vanilla and violet. Velvety mouthsense with mashed tannins, easy to drink, without being exuberant, but with particular finesse...
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Brick red semi trasparent color and nose with a deep sense of maturity, full of tomato jam, plum & forest fruit, and vivid details of ham, vanilla, pepper and juniper berries. Moderately thick mouthsense, with a bite of tannins and vibrant fruit aftertaste...
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A small vineyard at the Gastra of Naoussa is behind this story. Up on the hill where, as they say, it never hails, this special piece of land was cultivated, with patience and care, by Mr. Thomas Karanatsios, caretaker of Kir Yianni Estate for almost 50 years. The climate of the area is Mediterranea..
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A typical Naoussa, although not from the Paliokalias vineyard this year. Light red color, with aromas of ripe tomato, fresh red fruit, sage and plum paste. Spicy medium volumeArtisans Vignerons de Naoussa is an association of growers who share the same passion for the cultivation of Xinomavro. ..
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