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Mandilaria Wines

Mandilaria Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose
Categories: PDO Peza, PDO Archanes, PDO Paros, PDO Rhodes

Description: Intensely dyeing variety, Mandilaria is preferred mainly because of its dense red color, rather than for the other characteristics. So while it is an island variety, based in the Aegean islands, it has also expanded in mainland Greece. It is a variety which gives wines without appreciable aromatic bouquet, with moderate to low acidities, low alcoholic degree and medium body. Mostly it is vilified together with other varieties that complement it.

Typical wine characteristics: Deep color, soft
In the glass we find a bright rose color. In the aromatic character we find red fruits and flowers, with herbal notes following. On the palate the body is moderate, with fine acidity and a pleasant aftertaste...
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Opaque ruby color. Evolving nose with fruity and spicy aromas of jam, vanilla and coffee. Mouth rich round with moderately high acidity, intense and velvety tannins. Long-lasting aftertaste...
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A light and fresh wine, with soft aromas of cherry, vanilla and tomato. Mouth of moderate volume, with soft tannins and refreshing acidity...
9.90€ 11.90€
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Intense red color with brick hues.  Nose with the characteristic presence of forest fruits, vanilla, cherry, spice, chocolate and roasted meat. Soft, fine tannins, medium-bodied and well-structured volume...
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Bright red with red-terracotta hues. Nose with emphasis on vanilla and cherry. Fruity mouth with presence of forest fruits and typical acidity. Soft, well structured tannins with nice cool aftertaste...
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One of the most complete rosés on the market, based exclusively on native varieties, from talented winemaker Stamatis Mylonas. 80% Malagousia and 20% red Mandilaria, from four vineyards at an altitude of 200-300m in Attica.On the lees for 3 months, acquiring more body and complexity.Scented with spr..
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It has a rose color. The aromas are intense, consist of strawberry, cherry and flowers in the foreground, with notes of herbs following. Mouthfeel is enjoyable with a medium+ body, where we find a wonderful presence of oiliness, cool, with lively acidity and lasting aftertaste...
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The new rosé wine of Avantis Estate comes stylically between the classic rose Aventis and the Plagies Gerakion with an almost sensual blend of Mavrokoundoura and the fragrant Gewurztraminer.Mavrokoundoura is a clone of the Aegean Mandilaria with more velvety tanninsPink-salmon color that continues w..
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Transparent cherry color and nose with muscat aromas, reminiscent of a sweet wine. Spices, candied fruits and jams, flavor the palate. Light, soft and mild tonnes mouthfeel...
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It has a soft salmon color. Dry and fruity mouthfeel, with many small red fruits appearing, balanced high acidity, with a wonderful feeling of freshness and lasting aftertaste...
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Un Été Grec 'Greek Summer' is a deep rosé to light red wine. It is entirely made from old Koumariano variety vines with a small addition of Mandilaria. They are both vinified in whole bunches for about three weeks, using the semi-carbonate extraction method.It has a deep pink color. Strong aromas of..
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