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Malagousia Wines

Malagousia Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: PGI

Description: Malagousia is a rising white variety, which is gaining ground in the recent years, as it gives extremely interesting white wines with character and many other virtues. So while initially it was cultivated mainly in Macedonia and Central Greece, the cultivation nowadays has risen and it is now growing in much more areas of the country. The pale yellow wines which are given by Malagousia have intense aromatic content that refers to white flesh fruits such as peach, fresh aromatic herbs, green pepper and citrus, while some notes of muscat stand out. They usually have good body and satisfactory acidity. There is some interest in some barrel vinifications, and it seems that, if properly vinified it could evolve very well over time.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic
Blonde soft color with green hues, delicate nose with traces of white flowers like jasmine and lemon blossoms, fresh notes of yellow fruits such as melon, pear and peach, but also spearmint, incense and tea. Warm, with a sense of alcohol, without losing the fruit freshness since its acidity supports..
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Bright yellow color with green shades, intense aromas of flowers and white fruit framed by crisp acidity and balanced body...
12.90€ 13.60€
Ex Tax:10.40€
Yellowish color with aromas of citrus fruits such as grapefruit but also lemon. Light mouthfeel with mild acidity and nice aftertaste...
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Golden yellow colour with aromas of ripe tropical fruit and mango, mingled skilfully with vanilla fragrances. Rich, buttery mouth sense with nice acidity and aftertaste of dried fruit...
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Light blonde with vivid shades of green. Rich aromas of citrus and exotic fruits. It is balanced on the palate, fruity, with rich flavor of lemon peel and grapefruit. ..
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A wine with a light lemon green color. It is characterized by aromas of unripe citrus fruits, flowers, nuts, green apple, with notes of herbs to follow. On the palate it is of moderate body, with high acidity, with a medium duration but pleasant finish...
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An outstanding Malagousia from Stamatis Mylonas, that is hand harvested from three selected vineyards in the area of Keratea in Attica.On the lees for 3 months, acquiring more body and aromas. Fruity but also floral with wonderful acidity and freshness it is a delightful aperitif wine.Excellent..
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Chrisostomou Winery is located in the Kitros area of Pieria and cultivates Malagousia in vineyards of 15 acres, on sloping grounds and high altitude. An one-of-a-kind Malagousia, with a distinctive character and rich aromatic profile. Fermented and matured for 6 months in French barrels, without los..
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A delightful aperitif wine that deifies the popular "Greek" Malagousia grape variety in its sweet version. Amber color, sweet, delicate and revitalizing nose, with purity and persistence. Apricot, peach, orange marmalade, honeysuckle, sage and honey aromas unfold and continue in taste and aftertaste..
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Panos Papagiannakopoulos highlights another ancient Greek variety in the Corinthian region, Malagousia. Rich exotic flavors, pleasant body and intense acidity make this Malagousia ideal as an aperitif or with fruit salads.Vinification in steel tanks, stays for a short period of time on its lees.Trop..
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Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive. The color of the wine is light gold with green highlights. The aromatic profile is complex and elegant, with aromas of stone and citrus fruits, white flowers, with notes of herbs to follow. The mouthf..
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