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Greek Chardonnay Wines

Greek Chardonnay Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White, Sparkling
Categories: PGI

Description: One of the most globetrotter varieties with French origins, from Burgundy. Acclimatised easily and therefore is grown in Greece in several areas, preferably mountainous and cooler. It gives wines with a deep yellow color, with a very distinctive and easily identifiable character, oily, with rich mouth sense, good acidity, characteristic fruity aromas and aging potential.

Typical wine characteristics: Round, rich and aromatic
Golden yellow colour with aromas of ripe tropical fruit and mango, mingled skilfully with vanilla fragrances. Rich, buttery mouth sense with nice acidity and aftertaste of dried fruit...
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Ex Tax:10.48€
Bright golden yellow color. Aromas of butter with quince and citrus. Thick and smoked mouthsense, balanced with a buttery aftertaste and a refreshing acidity...
20.90€ 21.30€
Ex Tax:16.85€
Soft lemon color, with golden highlights. The aromas consist of citrus, white-fleshed and tropical fruits, followed by hints of herbs. Mouthfeel is moderate bodied, with buttery sensation that balances well with the pronounced acidity and leads us to a good lasting aftertaste...
Ex Tax:9.27€
Pale yellow color, floral aromas on the nose, with intense and long lasting hints of Muscat. Freshness and aromatic character in the mouth, with good acidity...
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