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Greek Cabernet Sauvignon Wines

Greek Cabernet Sauvignon Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose, Blanc de noir, Dessert
Categories: PDO Slopes of Melitona, PGI

Description: The cosmopolitan variety from Bordeaux, Cabernet sauvignon is perhaps the most famous variety worldwide. This variety was firstly cultivated in Greece in the region of Metsovo and was soon spread almost all over Greece with quite interesting results. It gives robust and complex wines, with a rich, almost black color, good acidity, tannins and a charming aromatic bouquet of small red fruits and herbs that enhance and evolve over time. It gives wines with distinctive and easily recognizable character.

Typical wine characteristics: Balanced, rich and complex
Bright cherry color, elegant and aromatic nose, with sweet fruits and bubblegum scents. Mouth cool, with volume and pleasant, fruity aftertaste...
9.20€ 11.30€
Ex Tax:7.42€
Dark red color. A rare and exuberant wine with intricate vanilla, plum, pepper and wild mushrooms aromas. Strong, ripe and spicy mouthsense. Rich tannins and long aftertaste. Body that impresses by a blend in which dominates 90% Merlot...
Ex Tax:20.97€
Complex aromatic bouquet with emphasis on spices such as pepper and carnation, herbal overtones, and hints of ripe plum and sweet cherry. Mouth-feel round and balanced, with tannins which offer personality and durability...
15.60€ 15.90€
Ex Tax:12.58€
Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification. Pure deep purple color. Aromas of black ripe fruit such as plums and black berries, vanilla notes, chocolate and sweets..
12.90€ 13.30€
Ex Tax:10.40€
Deep red color, rich aromatic with notes of wood, nutmeg, white pepper, but also ripe forest fruits. Well-structured body, sufficiently dense, with tanins in progress and moderate duration but aromatic aftertaste...
16.60€ 17.10€
Ex Tax:13.39€
Glowing red color and a nose that reveals youth, with aromas of fresh red fruits and aromatic herbs, with subtle hints of violet and vanilla. Fruity, medium volume mouth, with crispy acidity and a medium duration, spicy and cool aftertaste...
Ex Tax:10.89€
One of the top Greek Cabernet Sauvignon. The cosmopolitan Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyards of the Rouvalis estate reveals its enjoyable character. Intense dark purple color with brick highlights. The nose is characterized by ripe forest fruits, green pepper, ink, cedar, with the discreet presen..
15.80€ 16.10€
Ex Tax:12.74€
Bright cherry color, elegant and aromatic nose, with sweet fruits and bubblegum scents. Mouth cool, with volume and pleasant, fruity aftertaste...
10.90€ 11.30€
Ex Tax:8.79€
Dark color, with a spicy aromatic bouquet, harmoniously tied with the scents of evolution and the fruit freshness. In the mouth it is characterized by complexity and vigor, ripe tannins giving style and personality...
35.30€ 37.00€
Ex Tax:28.47€
In the glass it is deep purple and compact, with a nose characterized by raspberry, dried fig, vanilla, cedar, with the discreet presence of green pepper. In the mouth it is exuberant, with strong tannins, high acidity and lasting aftertaste...
20.90€ 21.70€
Ex Tax:16.85€
Thick purple color with red highlights. Clean and lively nose with bouquet of red fruits, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, tobacco leaves, ink, raisin and fruit preserves. Round mouth with good acidity and strong but well evolving tannins. Long, buttery and fruity aftertaste...
32.10€ 33.50€
Ex Tax:25.89€
Aoton is the ancient word for the finest specimen of its kind, something that represents the wines of the winery: fine quality with faith in the authenticity of the Mediterranean and the potential of the varieties.The night harvest, the 8 months with the fine lees, the pure pine resin, the oenologis..
8.20€ 8.70€
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