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Assyrtiko Wines

Assyrtiko Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: PDO Santorini, PDO Santorini 'Nikteri', PDO Santorini 'Vinsanto', PDO Slopes of Melitona, PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia, PDO Paros, PDO Rhodes 'Vinsanto'

Description: The strongest variety of the Greek vineyard, hides rare virtues, giving wines with unique capabilities. This versatile variety is grown mainly in the Cyclades, it is based in Santorini, and secondarily, but with great results, in Northern Greece. It gives strictly chic wines, characterized by a mild-aromatic character, which, depending on the terrain and the area cultivated, not only has aromas of fresh citrus and yellow fruits, but also hints of tea leaves and mineral and metallic hues. It has a rich and full mouthsense, with minerality and alabaster acidity, characteristics that offer durability in time. This makes Assyrtiko, one of the few Greek white varieties that have the ability to evolve and emerge through aging. Assyrtiko is the main variety used in production of Vinsanto from Santorini, considered globally as one of the finest dessert wines.

Typical wine characteristics: Good acidity, iron, solid
Foivos Papastratis creates his wine in the area of Ampelia, where the historic Evian vineyard was located. Choosing the varieties Assyrtiko and Moschato, he creates an impressive blend. In the glass the color is lemon green. Elegant nose, with floral aromas, notes of citrus fruits to star, stonefrui..
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The private-owned vineyards of estate Chrisostomou are located in Kitros, Pieria and are cultivated by the family for three generations. Kidonia is the area where the vineyards of Assyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc are, which are used in the varietal blend of the homonymous wine. Light colour with subtle..
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Νose with the typical aromatic character of Santorini, presence of nut fruits, such as peach and green fruits, like pear. Significant minerality and notes of wet stone, surrounded by jasmine flavors. Full body with high acidity and freshness, which perfectly accompanies the intense minerality and ar..
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Pale yellow, almost white color and lemony nose, with earthy tones, notes citrus and suspicion of orange flowers. Serious and fresh mouthsense, with acidity that gives nerve, minerality, and a pretty long finish with a sense of lemon and pear...
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Domaine Michailidi uses the Assyrtiko and Gewurztraminer varieties that come from the mountainous Lagotopos vineyard, at an altitude of 220 meters, and creates a gastronomic wine. On the face we find a golden yellow color. In the aromatic characteristics we find rose, tropical fruits, spices, citrus..
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In the picturesque island of Sikinos, in the northwestern part and at an altitude of 400 meters, stretch the terraces of the Manalis winery, overlooking the Aegean sea. The white wine of the winery is created from the varieties Assyrtiko, Aidani and Monemvasia. On the face we find a lemon yellow col..
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On the face we find a wine with a bright lemon color and golden highlights. The nose is characterized by fine aromas of citrus, pear, peach, honey, vanilla, with notes of sea iodine and wet stone to follow. On the palate it is of medium + body, with high acidity and a long lasting pleasant finish...
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Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus, butter and mineral notes, both on the nose and the mouth, where the acidity predominates. Cool, with good volume and flavor...
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The very successful blend of Christos Kokkalis, launched with the MoVa label, has changed  name and appearance. The wine is now called Dialogos and the Estate in Ilia Peloponnese "Dyo Ipsi" (meaning Two Heights). The new estate was named after the special topography of its vineyard, characterized by..
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Award-winning and famous, for many a flagship wine, Ovilos from Biblia Chora is an emblematic wine based in Assyrtiko and Semillon, on par with best white Bordeaux.From the best vineyards of the estate in Kavala. Matures for few months in oak.Sweet aromas of apricot and honey, tropical fruits and nu..
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One of the most interesting Assyrtikos outside Santorini from old vines in Sitia and at an altitude approaching 600 metersSingle vineyard expression. Bush, unirrigated vines of low yields.Fruity as well as mineral, with moderate weight and lemony finish.Alcohol at 13% with a clean cut bright acidity..
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Bright yellow color, while the nose is dominated by aromas of apricot, pear and quince, which blend harmoniously with herbs and citrus flavors. The taste is rich, full, with excellent structure and refreshing acidity, dominated by yellow fruits aromas, giving a pleasant aftertaste...
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