Color: White
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: PDO Santorini, PDO Santorini 'Nikteri', PDO Santorini 'Vinsanto', PDO Slopes of Melitona, PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia, PDO Paros, PDO Rhodes 'Vinsanto'

Description: The strongest variety of the Greek vineyard, hides rare virtues, giving wines with unique capabilities. This versatile variety is grown mainly in the Cyclades, it is based in Santorini, and secondarily, but with great results, in Northern Greece. It gives strictly chic wines, characterized by a mild-aromatic character, which, depending on the terrain and the area cultivated, not only has aromas of fresh citrus and yellow fruits, but also hints of tea leaves and mineral and metallic hues. It has a rich and full mouthsense, with minerality and alabaster acidity, characteristics that offer durability in time. This makes Assyrtiko, one of the few Greek white varieties that have the ability to evolve and emerge through aging. Assyrtiko is the main variety used in production of Vinsanto from Santorini, considered globally as one of the finest dessert wines.

Typical wine characteristics: Good acidity, iron, solid
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T-OINOS Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko 2019 Magnum

T-OINOS is a vision and madness at the same time. With its heart pounding in a terroir full of scattered granitic rocks, a global geological phenomenon similar to 2-3 others around the world, Alexande..

Ex Tax: 91.85€

Kaniaris Dreamcatcher Assyrtiko 2019

Pale yellow color and aromas of herbs, lime and pineapple. Rich mouthfeel with acidity and a fruity aftertaste. Fresh and quite lengthy finish...

5.60€ 5.50€
Ex Tax: 4.44€

Santo Wines Vinsanto 2013

Dark color with orange and brown hues. Rich and dense aromas of toffee, dried fruit, jam, raisins, nuts and peanut butter with chocolate. Syrupy mouthsense with surprising complexity and attractive pa..

28.50€ 27.10€
Ex Tax: 21.85€

Volcanic Slopes Pure 2017

Argyros estate commercial director, Stephanos Georgas, creates, in collaboration with the estate, a "traditional" Santorini, i.e. a Santorini from two top vineyards of the island which is vinified wit..

Ex Tax: 34.52€

Biblia Chora Vidiano Sole 2019

Bright yellow color, while the nose is dominated by aromas of apricot, pear and quince, which blend harmoniously with herbs and citrus flavors. The taste is rich, full, with excellent structure and re..

14.90€ 14.60€
Ex Tax: 11.77€

Gavalas Santorini 2019

Pale lemon color and typical Santorini nose with notes of tea, as also lively scents of white-fleshed fruits, minerality and lemon hints. Mouth elegant with volume, sharpness resulting from the strong..

26.80€ 25.90€
Ex Tax: 20.89€

Ligas Assyrtiko Maison Viticole 2018

Assyrtiko Maison Viticole is an orange, natural wine from Ligas winery, which follows the philosophy of the estate for mild natural vinification which focus on sustainable development.An Assyrtiko tha..

21.80€ 20.90€
Ex Tax: 16.85€

Sigalas Kavalieros 2018

A robust wine with a bright yellow color, and soft greenish hues. Complex and robust aromas, dominated by ripe citrus such as lemon marmalade, orange confit, in a background of white flowers and rosem..

47.70€ 46.30€
Ex Tax: 37.34€

Oenogenesis Fegites White 2019

Bright golden yellow color, elegant & distinctive aromas of citrus, mango, pear and thyme. Fresh and refreshing acidity that are due to both varieties blend. Round mouthsense with nice structure a..

11.30€ 11.20€
Ex Tax: 9.03€

Tsimbidi 300 White 2018

A generous and robust wine with delicate aromas of pineapple, litchi and citrus. Mouth feel with pretty good volume, which is full of nerve and intensity, and ends with a juicy, long finish with citru..

12.40€ 11.50€
Ex Tax: 9.27€

Karamolegos Assyrtiko 34 Magnum 2019

Karamolegos Santorini Ancestral Vines '34' 2017 Τhe new Santorini from Artemis Karamolegos winery is composed of 100% Assyrtiko from Ancestral Vines exceeding 120 years of age. 34 refers to the 34 cen..

53.80€ 51.90€
Ex Tax: 41.85€

Art Space Nychteri 2014

Antonis Argyros in Exo Gonia Santorini and in the wonderful Art Space Winery, creates wines that demonstrate the typicality of the varieties, but also the uniqueness of the terroir of Santorini.If we ..

Ex Tax: 23.79€

Akriotou Hermit 2019

On the face we see a bright lemon color. The aromatic profile is intense with citrus and stone fruits, exotic fruits and white flowers in the foreground, with notes of butter and brioche following. On..

14.90€ 14.60€
Ex Tax: 11.77€

Gerovassiliou White 2020

Pale yellow color with green sheens and nose expressed through the aromas of ripe fruits such as pineapple, lychee, melon, and traces of green pepper, lemon blossoms and fresh oregano. Elegant and del..

12.80€ 12.50€
Ex Tax: 10.08€

Patistis Retsinalism

The modern revolution of Retsina, Retsina revisited, Retsinalism is a particularly impressive version of it in any aspect that certainly leads us to embrace the vision of Andreas Patistis. As it is st..

Ex Tax: 22.50€

Karamolegos Ftelos 2017

Ftelos by Karamolegos winery is from an old vineyard with vines over 150 years old and is located in Fira. lassic white vinification is followed, after a short pre-fermentation of cold impregnation in..

71.92€ 69.00€
Ex Tax: 55.65€

Santo Wines Santorini 2019

Pale yellow color, with aromas of citrus, lemon peel, white flowers and tea. Mouth with exuberance, nerve, minerality and balanced structure. Long and aromatic aftertaste...

18.10€ 17.70€
Ex Tax: 14.27€

Santo Wines Nykteri Reserve 2018

An aged wine from the three white grape varieties of Santorini. Bright golden color, medium intensity nose with aromas like ripe apricot, lemon, chamomile, honey, vanilla. On the palate complex, rich,..

26.70€ 25.90€
Ex Tax: 20.89€

Santo Wines Nykteri 2019

Warm yellow color and aromas of lemon, butter and syrup. Round, large mouth with sharp acidity balanced by the heat of alcohol render. Long lemony aftertaste...

19.30€ 18.80€
Ex Tax: 15.16€

Vogiatzis White 2019

Straw yellow appearance, intensely fruity and flower aromas in the nose. Excellent savory balance, with crisp acidity and freshness, elegant and lasting aftertaste...

Ex Tax: 7.66€

Chatzivaritis Mi 2019 (MiNiMus Series)

Chloe Chatzivariti continues her experimentation with a more "natural approach", giving a new impetus to the native wine scene, with the MiNiMus series. Mi is a unique 100% Assyrtiko, from the Filiria..

19.80€ 19.40€
Ex Tax: 15.65€

Vassaltis Santorini Barrel Oaked 2018

Barrel aged, with aromas of lemon, white blossoms and peach. Quite buttery texture, with citrus and honey on the palate. Long acidic finish with light oak notes, which makes it more complex...

34.30€ 33.30€
Ex Tax: 26.85€

Dalamaras Kapnistos 2019

A peculiar wine that owes its peculiarities in the unorthodox manner in which it matures in oak, but not 100% full, barrels. As a result, it forms an oxidative character that, in terms of aromas, is t..

13.60€ 13.40€
Ex Tax: 10.81€

Vriniotis Assyrtiko Sur Lies 2019

A stunning wine, with golden colour highlighted by greenish hues and commendable richness coming from its peculiar nose. Crust of bread, tea and citrus, coexist with lemon confit, orange marmalade and..

20.50€ 19.90€
Ex Tax: 16.05€

Ligas Yomatari 2017

In the glass we find a golden color. On the nose we find aromas of citrus, kumquat and lotus combined with the distinctive pine to characterize this wonderful Retsina. On the palate it is full and jui..

20.80€ 19.90€
Ex Tax: 16.05€

Matamis Charilys Spumante Brut

Pale yellow in the glass, with green highlights. A sparkling wine with elegant, thin bubbles, symmetrically distributed and durable. On the nose aromas of flowers and citrus, with notes of acacia and ..

14.90€ 14.50€
Ex Tax: 11.69€

Matamis Charilys Spumante Brut Rosé

Pale yellow in the glass, with green highlights. A sparkling wine with elegant, thin bubbles, symmetrically distributed and durable. On the nose aromas of flowers and citrus, with notes of acacia and ..

14.90€ 14.50€
Ex Tax: 11.69€

Pavlidis Thema White 2020

One of the most successful white wines in the country, from the exceptional Estate Pavlidis in Drama. The popular Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko blend produces a stylish, high quality wine that is very..

13.00€ 12.80€
Ex Tax: 10.32€