Color: White
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: PDO Santorini, PDO Santorini 'Nikteri', PDO Santorini 'Vinsanto', PDO Slopes of Melitona, PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia, PDO Paros, PDO Rhodes 'Vinsanto'

Description: The strongest variety of the Greek vineyard, hides rare virtues, giving wines with unique capabilities. This versatile variety is grown mainly in the Cyclades, it is based in Santorini, and secondarily, but with great results, in Northern Greece. It gives strictly chic wines, characterized by a mild-aromatic character, which, depending on the terrain and the area cultivated, not only has aromas of fresh citrus and yellow fruits, but also hints of tea leaves and mineral and metallic hues. It has a rich and full mouthsense, with minerality and alabaster acidity, characteristics that offer durability in time. This makes Assyrtiko, one of the few Greek white varieties that have the ability to evolve and emerge through aging. Assyrtiko is the main variety used in production of Vinsanto from Santorini, considered globally as one of the finest dessert wines.

Typical wine characteristics: Good acidity, iron, solid
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Argyros Vinsanto 12 Years 2003

Dark color of aged cognac with honey hues and nice clarity. Rich, complex nose with dried apricots and prunes scents, preparing for a wonderful, multi-layered, long lasting and deep mouth feel. Dried ..

Ex Tax: 53.79€

Sigalas Santorini 2019

Pale yellow color, elegant nose in an aromatic composition of lemon, orange and yellow fruits and herbal and mineral hints. Mouth with excellent balance, lively acidity and a very aromatic, lingering ..

24.60€ 23.80€
Ex Tax: 19.19€

Karamolegos Mystirio/19 2018

Almost golden-looking and impressive aromatic character, characterized by chamomile and cardamom, around a core of citrus and green fruits, such as bergamot, lime and pear, always with the presence of..

31.60€ 30.70€
Ex Tax: 24.76€

Venetsanos Santorini 2018

Bright yellow colour with green hints. Delicate, intense and complex aromas of pear, white flowers and citrus fruits. Dominant is the green bitter orange, with hints of mastic and fennel root.Rich mou..

Ex Tax: 22.42€

Papargyriou Blanc Moschoudi-Assyrtiko 2019 Wild Ferment

Bright yellow color, in a blend where Moschoudi signs with its typical aromas of rose, lukumi, quince and mint, with hints of tea and pineapple. Mouth with a pretty good volume, crispy acidity and aro..

11.10€ 10.90€
Ex Tax: 8.79€

Chrisostomou Kidonies 2019

The private-owned vineyards of estate Chrisostomou are located in Kitros, Pieria and are cultivated by the family for three generations. Kidonia is the area where the vineyards of Assyrtiko and Sauvig..

Ex Tax: 8.47€

Estate Theopetra Assyrtiko 2019

Assyrtiko from Theopetra Estate in Meteora is a full bodied, structured version of the variety, which is partly barrel fermented.  Stays on the lees for more than a month, to acquire more complexity.F..

13.60€ 13.20€
Ex Tax: 10.65€

Syros Winery San ta Maratha 2019

Pale yellow, almost white color and lemony nose, with earthy tones, notes citrus and suspicion of orange flowers. Serious and fresh mouthsense, with acidity that gives nerve, minerality, and a pretty ..

11.90€ 10.00€
Ex Tax: 8.06€

Ktima Biblia Chora Ovilos White 2019

Award-winning and famous, for many a flagship wine, Ovilos from Biblia Chora is an emblematic wine based in Assyrtiko and Semillon, on par with best white Bordeaux.From the best vineyards of the estat..

22.30€ 21.90€
Ex Tax: 17.66€

Mylonas Assyrtiko 2019

Assyrtiko may became famous in the volcanic soils of Santorini where its archetypal version is produced, but there are amazing examples all over Greece. One of these is Assyrtiko from Stamatis Mylonas..

8.60€ 8.50€
Ex Tax: 6.85€

Karamolegos Pyritis 2018

Karamolegos winery enters dynamically in creating a very high quality Santorini, following last years trend. The result is an excellent assyrtiko derived from selected old vines at Pyrgos and Megaloch..

40.70€ 39.50€
Ex Tax: 31.85€

Vriniotis IAMA White 2019

Bright yellow color, and nose that marries the flowery character, the delights and bergamot, with white flesh yellow fruits, herbs and citrus. Aromatic mouthfeel with pear and melon, cool, with substa..

10.20€ 9.90€
Ex Tax: 7.98€

Karamolegos Papas 2016

Karamolegos winery lifts off the expression of Santorini, releasing its single vineyard wines from a unique vineyard, something that is very rare on the island. Papas is Santorini's most sophisticated..

84.30€ 81.80€
Ex Tax: 65.97€

Karamolegos Louroi Platia 2017

Karamolegos winery lifts off the expression of Santorini, releasing its single vineyard wines from a unique vineyard, something that is very rare on the island. Louroi Platia is a vineyard of low alti..

59.50€ 58.30€
Ex Tax: 47.02€

Olympia Land Estate Ekecheiria 2019

Medium golden-yellow color and an aromatic character full of floral fragrances such as jasmine and acacia, with notes of vegetation and citrus aromas. Crisp acidity with moderate body and flavors of g..

9.30€ 9.00€
Ex Tax: 7.26€

Olympia Land Assyrtiko 2019

 Pale yellow color, with aromas of citrus flowers, lemon blossom and stone fruits, such as ripe white peach. The complex bouquet of citrus unfolds on the palate, along with a refreshing acidity a..

9.92€ 9.50€
Ex Tax: 7.66€

Moraitis Assyrtiko 2019

Citrus and lemon aromas in the nose. Unobtrusive with a significant acidity and mineral-like aftertaste...

17.60€ 16.90€
Ex Tax: 13.63€

Tsililis Askitikos White 2019

Transparent color, delicate and mild tonnes of fresh yellow fruit aromas, with hints of exotic and herbal nuances. Exquisite mouthfeel, juicy, which captivates you with its exuberance, the magnificent..

6.40€ 5.60€
Ex Tax: 4.52€

Argyros Santorini 2019

Delicate yellow color with green hues, with delicious aromas of lemon and citrus blossoms, iodine and a particular minerality in flavor, with strength, balance and pleasantly crispy aftertaste...

23.60€ 22.90€
Ex Tax: 18.47€

Olympia Land Estate Luna Valle White 2019

The value for money series of Olympia Land inery is fresh, fruity and low in alcohol. White Luna Valle is a dry wine from the Roditis and Assyrtiko varieties, grown in the western Peloponnese. It has ..

7.44€ 5.70€
Ex Tax: 4.60€

Kechris Tear of the Pine 2019

The Retsina that changed the scenery in its category, placing traditional Greek wine next to the finest products of the world vineyard. The first Retsina with impressive aging potential. Blonde color ..

15.50€ 13.10€
Ex Tax: 10.56€

Avantis Estate White 2019

Thin yellow color with greenish hues, with nose that exudes notes of lemon, apple and lime, generous and delicate mouth of low-intensity, easy-to-drink and cool...

7.30€ 5.70€
Ex Tax: 4.60€

Argyros Vinsanto 20 Years 1996

Amber glowing color. Expressive, magnificent nose that starts with delicate scents of honey and dried fruits, and continues with a touch of brandy, cocoa, butter caramel and roasted nuts. Mouth exuber..

Ex Tax: 74.76€

Gaia Monograph Multi 2019

Gaia Wines launches 3 new labels in its basic range of Peloponnese wines with a more complex character, yet enjoyable at every occasion. Three fine Greek white varieties have joined forces in monograp..

7.60€ 7.50€
Ex Tax: 6.05€

Michaelidis Pyli White 2019

A charming everyday wine that blends ideally three varieties; Assyrtiko with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, from the Michaelidis vineyards in Drama.On the nose it delivers abundant exotic fruit, alon..

11.50€ 11.30€
Ex Tax: 9.11€

Gonidakis Dryopas 2019

An excellent Assyrtiko from the island of Kythnos showing that the efforts of Gonidaki estate will definitely lead to a distinctive wine from another Cyclades island. It has yellow color with light gr..

12.06€ 10.50€
Ex Tax: 8.47€

Gaia Thalassitis 2019

Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus, butter and mineral notes, both on the nose and the mouth, where the acidity predominates. Cool, with good volume and flavor...

23.20€ 22.40€
Ex Tax: 18.06€

Pavlidis Emphasis Assyrtiko 2018

The color of the wine is green-yellow. Complex nose, with a character that combines citrus fruits with white flowers, on a background of discreet minerality. These aromas are also found on the palate,..

14.90€ 14.60€
Ex Tax: 11.77€