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Tsantali Kormilitsa Gold 2014
RP '07

Tsantali Kormilitsa Gold 2014

The Moscow Kremlin official wine is a super premium wine, which is the flagship wine of the winery, combining in an excellent way Cabernet Sauvignon with the local variety Limnio. Solid red color, wit..

119.00€ 109.50€ Ex Tax: 88.31€
Tsantali Agioritiko Avaton Gold Selection 2014
RP '14

Tsantali Agioritiko Avaton Gold Selection 2014

Dark red color, concentrated aromatic bouquet starring spices, chocolate and vanilla in a fruity background of sour cherries and blueberries. Bulky mouth, balanced with a perceived presence of alcohol..

43.00€ 41.70€ Ex Tax: 33.63€
Tsantali Kormilitsa White 2018
RP '16

Tsantali Kormilitsa White 2018

Pale yellow tint in a wine with a rich and vibrant aromas of pear, peach and orange, with hints of lemon blossoms, chamomile and tea. Mouth generous and exuberant, with nerve and strong personality. F..

28.30€ 27.30€ Ex Tax: 22.02€

Kormilitsa Red 2014

Deep red, almost black color and nose of ripe red fruits like plum and cherry, blackcurrant jam, ink notes, as also pepper, sweet spices and animal notes, which balance, all together, between exuberan..

51.40€ 49.30€ Ex Tax: 39.76€
Metochi Chromitsas Red 2016 Only 1 available

Metochi Chromitsas Red 2016

Opaque red color and nose with vibrant aromas of ripe red fruit, vanilla, tobacco and violet, with hints of basil and oregano. Mouth full and oily, entering with a hint of sweetness, while subsequentl..

11.70€ 11.20€ Ex Tax: 9.03€

Ouzo Tsantali 700ml

Ouzo Tsantali is created in Tsantali distillery at Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki. The secret of its quality is based on the traditional family recipe, the high quality raw materials and the strict selection..

10.40€ 10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.06€

Avaton without anise

Made from the vineyards Metohi Chromitsa of Agio Orow. Has a delicately fruity nose, spicy, soft mouth but with slight sweetness in the aftertaste and good durability...

10.10€ 10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.06€