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Tsimbidi 300 White 2018

A generous and robust wine with delicate aromas of pineapple, litchi and citrus. Mouth feel with pretty good volume, which is full of nerve and intensity, and ends with a juicy, long finish with citru..

12.40€ 11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.27€
Tsimbidi Kydonitsa 2019
JR '15
D '16
Bronze (88)

Tsimbidi Kydonitsa 2019

Yellow-gold color with greeninsh highlights, fine aroma of quince. Highly fruity aroma and discreet due to the local rare grape variety. Fresh, with rich body, nice acidity and lengthy after-taste...

11.30€ Ex Tax: 9.11€
Tsimbidi 300 Red 2008
RP '05

Tsimbidi 300 Red 2008

Deep red color, in a wine with a charming, spicy and salty perfume, where notes of pepper, ham and porcini mushrooms are distinguished, on a background of mature red fruits. Mouth with volume, robust ..

22.30€ 21.40€ Ex Tax: 17.26€
Malvasia 2012 (malmsey)
RP '10
D '12
Silver (91)

Malvasia 2012 (malmsey)

Recommended by Rick Stein!An modern version of a wine popular since the Middle Ages often referred to as Malmsey (or Marmsie). Caramel in colour with bright blonde sheens. A charming bouq..

55.80€ 50.20€ Ex Tax: 40.48€