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Gaia 14-18h 2018
RP '16

Gaia 14-18h 2018

Vivid rosy color, unripe red fruits on the nose, with emphasis on the gooseberry, the pomegranate and hints of bubble gum. Mouth balanced with delicious acidity and intriguing presence of tannins. Nic..

8.60€ 8.20€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

Gaia Monograph Multi 2019

Gaia Wines launches 3 new labels in its basic range of Peloponnese wines with a more complex character, yet enjoyable at every occasion. Three fine Greek white varieties have joined forces in monograp..

7.60€ 7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€

Gaia Monograph Agiorgitiko 2019

With the Monograph series, Gaia Estate brings noble varieties closer to the consumer. In Monograph Agiorgitiko, grapes come from low-yielding vineyards, which surround the Nemea area at an altitude of..

5.30€ 5.20€ Ex Tax: 4.19€
Gaia S 2018
RP '14
JR '14
D '13

Gaia S 2018

Deep red color with violet hues. Vivid bouquet of aromas where berries, black cherry, chocolate, bitter almond, pepper and vanilla are distinguished. Well-structured mouth with balanced and delicious ..

17.30€ 16.80€ Ex Tax: 13.55€
Estate Gaia Nemea 2016
RP '13
D '13
Only 1 available

Estate Gaia Nemea 2016

Purple color, good density with youth highlights.In the nose strawberry, tomato, black cherry and violet stand out, while also green pepper and alcohol prevail. Wood and fruit in the mouth, soft, fine..

24.90€ 23.90€ Ex Tax: 19.27€

Gaia Thalassitis Submerged 2015

An idea that seemed crazy and was definitely extremely risky (remember that the first year only 3 bottles survived), finally became true by Gaia Wines and created a year to year anticipation to all wi..

249.60€ Ex Tax: 201.29€

Gaia Monograph Agiorgitiko/Syrah 2018

Gaia Wines launches 3 new labels in its basic range of Peloponnese wines with a more complex character, yet enjoyable at every occasion. Monograph red is a wine that can be enjoyed comfortably even du..

7.30€ 7.20€ Ex Tax: 5.81€
Thalassitis (Barrel) 2017
RP '16

Thalassitis (Barrel) 2017

Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus fruits, acacia flowers, butter and mineral notes, complemented by an elegant barrel sensation both on the nose and the mouth, where its sha..

32.90€ 31.50€ Ex Tax: 25.40€
Thalassitis 2018
RP '16
D '16
Silver (90)

Thalassitis 2018

Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus, butter and mineral notes, both on the nose and the mouth, where the acidity predominates. Cool, with good volume and flavor...

23.20€ 22.40€ Ex Tax: 18.06€
4-6h 2018 -9%

4-6h 2018

A new rosé wine by Gaia Wines that responds to the market trend for rose wines similar to the ones from Provence in France. This is achieved by the 4 to 6 hours skin contact of Agiorgitiko. The result..

9.50€ 8.60€ Ex Tax: 6.94€
Agiorgitiko by Gaia 2017
RP '14
JR '15

Agiorgitiko by Gaia 2017

Quite deep red color. Cherry aroma in a background of vanilla and wood from the barrel. Mouth rich and well-structured, with vivid and slightly rough tannins. Finishing with duration and a light pleas..

10.00€ 9.70€ Ex Tax: 7.82€
Assyrtiko by Gaia Wild Ferment 2018
RP '16
D '17
Platinum (97)

Assyrtiko by Gaia Wild Ferment 2018

Pale yellow colour. Complex aromatic character with minerality, which over time gives way to flavors of honey and fruit. Mouth exuberant with excellent mineral feeling and a crispy acidity...

29.10€ 28.30€ Ex Tax: 22.82€

Ritinitis Nobilis

Bright yellow color filled with green hues. Balanced nose where the resin ties harmoniously, without prevailing the fruital sensation. Mouth cool and aromatic, medium density, fine and long aftertaste..

8.10€ Ex Tax: 6.53€

Vinegar 5 years old

The first part of Assyrtiko must after becoming dry wine is acetified in oak 500lt acetifiers according to the traditional method of Orleans. The new dry resulting vinegar is aged for 4 years in old o..

10.66€ 9.93€ Ex Tax: 8.79€