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Dalamaras Kapnistos 2018
RP '14

Dalamaras Kapnistos 2018

A peculiar wine that owes its peculiarities in the unorthodox manner in which it matures in oak, but not 100% full, barrels. As a result, it forms an oxidative character that, in terms of aromas, is t..

13.60€ 13.40€ Ex Tax: 10.81€
Dalamara Paliokalias 2017
RP '15
JR '13

Dalamara Paliokalias 2017

The exceptional Paliokalias is again with us with limited availability! A typical, rustic version of Naoussa, in a wine with pale red color, that smells ripe tomato, olive leaves and plum puree. Mediu..

34.40€ Ex Tax: 27.74€

Dalamaras Merle 2018

Α surprisingly delicious Merlot from Dalamaras winery produced in a fresh style, for immediate consumption.  Unoaked to create a soft and juicy wine, that delivers though the telltale Dalama..

11.30€ 10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.79€
Dalamaras Naoussa 2017
RP '15
JR '15

Dalamaras Naoussa 2017

A typical Naoussa, although not from the Paliokalias vineyard this year. Light red color, with aromas of ripe tomato, fresh red fruit, sage and plum paste. Spicy medium volume mouthfeel with the tanni..

15.10€ 14.80€ Ex Tax: 11.94€