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Adam Village Spearmint 20gram

Diosmos belongs to the mint family and its greek name with ancient origins means "the sweet scented one". In ancient Athens, they used to rub the body with diosmos, as well as spread it on the table b..

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Adam Village Laurel 20gram

According to Greek Mythology, the Nymph Daphne refused the love of the god Apollo who had fallen in love with her and she prayed to her father, the river-god Pineios, to help her. Pineios transformed ..

2.46€ Ex Tax: 2.18€

Adam Village Linden 20gram

Linden tree has dense and abundant foliage, reaching a height of 30 m and lifespan of more than 200 years. Its fragrant flowers and leaves make a luscious herbal tea well known for its relaxing and so..

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Adam Village Lemon Balm 20gram

This is commonly found in greek mountainous areas. Much has been written about its beneficial properties. Myth has it that in the Middle Ages alchemists used it along with other plants to create an el..

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Adam Village Pennyroyal Mint 20gram

Pennyroyal, also known as greek wild mint, is a perennial plant with pink, purple and white flowers which is found in sunny places in temperate climates. According to Greek Mythology, Minthe was a bea..

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Adam Village Oregano 20gram

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite offered oregano as a gift to a mortal man to make his life better. In ancient Greece oregano symbolised joy and happiness. It is the most widely use..

2.92€ Ex Tax: 2.58€

Adam Village Verbena 15gram

An herb originally from the American continent which has become acclimatised to the Mediterranean. It has beneficial properties, a strong lemony flavour and a lovely fragrance. Properties-Us..

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Adam Village Thyme 20gram

An aromatic plant that has a rich flavour and a strong essential oil. It is the main element in Greek thyme honey, which is widely celebrated for its beneficial properties. According to mythology, the..

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Adam Village Mountain Tea (Iron Wort) 20gram

The marvellous and delicious wild tea of the Greek mountains. Its properties have been known since antiquity, and there are references to it by the philosopher Theophrastus and the doctor Dioskourides..

2.73€ Ex Tax: 2.42€

Adam Village Rosemary 20gram

To ancient Greeks rosemary was believed to be a gift from Aphrodite and a symbol of beauty. Rosemary has a delightful scent and its Latin name means "dew of the sea". Properties-Uses: As a b..

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Adam Village Sage 20gram

Sage loves the sun and rocky terrain, thus it flourishes in southern Greece and particularly in the Peloponnese and the islands. In antiquity it was believed to be a panacea for a wide range of ailmen..

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