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Samos Wines

Samos, an island in the eastern Aegean Sea just off the coast of Turkey is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, and, most notably, its wine production. Samos has been producing wine for over 2,000 years, and its wines are considered some of the best in Greece. The island's fertile soil, warm climate, and mountainous terrain make it an ideal location for growing grapes. Characteristic are the vineyards of Mount Ampelos with an altitude of 1,160 meters which is the second highest of the island. There, the high altitude provides the grapes with the ideal conditions for ripening, as the temperature fluctuations between day and night help to preserve the grapes' acidity and balance the wine's sweetness.

Samos is particularly well-known for its sweet Muscat of Samos wines, which are made from sun-dried grapes and have a rich, honeyed flavour. These wines have been winning numerous international awards and accolades since the 1970's and recent gold medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2020 and 2021 continue the trend. The popularity of Samos wines has long transcended the borders of Greece and they are highly sought after by wine enthusiasts and are considered some of the best sweet wines in the world.

Of these, the Samos Vin Doux is perhaps the most famous of all Samos wines while Samos Grand Cru is another popular sweet wine made from sun-dried Muscat Blanc grapes. Other well known Samos wines include Samos Nectar which pairs well with desserts or strong cheeses and the newer Samos Anthemis which is known for its bright acidity and floral aromas and pairs well with seafood. All wines on the island are produced by the Cooperative of Samos Winemakers.

UWC Samos Nectar 2014
RP '10
JR '10
D '14
Gold (96)
Dark golden color, and aromatic character dominated by dried apricot and plum, stewed fruit, butter caramel, cinnamon and roasted nuts. Elegant and harmonious mouth, with good acidity, ripe, with Muscat notes starring...
17.50€ 17.90€
Ex Tax:14.11€
UWC Samos Anthemis 2016
RP '08
JR '14
D '11
Bronze (88)
Deep amber color with copper highlights, and concentrated bouquet of the fragrances of dried apricot, sweet plum, cherry compote and butter caramel, cocoa, coffee and roasted nuts. Elegant mouth starting with sweetness, while its pleasant acidity offers, in sequel, freshness and balance. The velvety..
10.80€ 11.00€
Ex Tax:8.71€
In the glass we have a yellow-green color. On the nose we find aromas of citrus fruits, stone fruits, followed by floral notes. On the palate it has moderate+ body, with crisp acidity that balances perfectly with the beautiful sweetness and leads us to a creamy, long-lasting aftertaste...
12.50€ 13.00€
Ex Tax:10.08€
UWC Samos Vin Doux 2021
RP '16
JR '16
D '20
Gold (95)
Gold color. Primary grape aromas, flowers, fresh fruits and honey. Soft mouth with natural sweetness. The sweetness in good balance with the acidity, giving a long-lasting aftertaste...
Ex Tax:7.02€
The word unscathed ("athiktos" in Greek) comes from the ancient Greek verb "thiggano", which means "I lean slightly". The Unscathed Wines of EOS Samos follow the philosophy of mild vinification, the so-called "natural wines". Profitis comes from Paliabela region in Pagondas village, at an altit..
18.90€ 19.50€
Ex Tax:15.24€
Winery Nopera Roya 2021
JR '14
Light yellow color with golden highlights, typical for the Samos Muscat variety. Charming nose with high intensity aromas of citrus blossoms, rose petals, apricot and orange peel. A pleasant sweetness is revealed in the palate with moderate acidity and long, slightly bitter aftertaste reminiscent of..
Ex Tax:9.19€
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