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Zoenos Zitsa

Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Moderate, seductive amber color. In the nose, explosion of nuts, orange and cedar jam with hints of citrus and honey along with spice notes, that continue to make their presence felt and in the mouth, with moderate acidity and tannins with a rich aftertaste...
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Seclusion Aged Tsipouro Seclusion Aged Tsipouro
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Zoinos winery has released the aged distillate Seclusion, double distilled from the Debina variety. Limited edition, with only 600 bottles on the market, in special premium packaging.Distillation is done in traditional copper pots, at a very low temperature. Then it ages for 6 years in French oak ba..
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Zoinos Aurelia Sparkling 2018
D '15
Bronze (86)
Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
An off dry rosé, sparkling and delicious wine. Strict Debina flanked by the indigenous Vlahiko and Bekari varieties, giving an attractive wine with fresh red fruits emphasizing on cherry and strawberry, with traces of tomato and violet. The string of fine bubbles, the discreet tannins and the refres..
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Zoinos Vlahiko 2018
D '18
Silver (92)
Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Bright ruby. Seductive nose full of red fruits, such as strawberry, sour cherry and dried plum. Full body with velvety tannins and high acidity, complemented by pepper and bitter chocolate flavors...
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Double distillated tsipouro from Debina marc. It is distilled at mild temperature keeping the primary aromas of citrus, apple and cinnamon...
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Golden color in a wonderful spirit aged in oak barrels for at least a year. It acquires complex aromas of ripe apples, vanilla, nuts, spices & tobacco.  Creamy and sharp mouthsense with nice fruity finish...
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Zitsa Semi Sparkling
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
A refreshing, sparkling wine full of freshness and formality. Fresh peaches, green apple, orange blossom and lemon peels aromas.  Mouth with a nerve and tingling bubbles giving a delightful finish with hints of bread crust. ..
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