Island of Zante used to have, in the past, a large varietal range and some of those varieties are still cultivated: Avgoustiatis, Skiadopoulo, Pavlos, Katsakoulias and Robola. Most of the island wines are distributed as Traditional Designation Verdea, a white wine whose name comes from the word verde (green) and, probably, indicates that during its production green, unripe grapes were used in order to increase the low, due to high maturation, acidity. Traditionally it was a dry, high alcohol wine, aged in oak barrels for some time. Today, however, we can also find more modern Verdea wines.

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Paolo 2009

An unconventional wine (that belongs in "sherry fino" category) with sweet, in the color of chamomile, color. Oxidative nose, full of honey, ripe fruits, nuts, rich mouthsense with volume, moderate ac..

19.80€ 19.60€
Ex Tax: 15.81€

Sun Rose 2017

A new and very interesting proposal in the emerging field of Greek rosé wines. It has the characteristic color of the wines of Provence but in a darker tone with slightly brownish shades. Interesting ..

12.10€ 11.70€
Ex Tax: 9.44€

Novita 2018

Perharps the most characteristic grape variety of Zakynthos is treated with special interest in a wine with elegant aromas of fresh fruit, well-structured mouthfeel, mild acidity and a delicious spicy..

Ex Tax: 8.71€