Wisdom of nature vinegars

Wisdom of Nature was established in 2005 in order to make the best out of the 8 hectare organically cultivated vineyards located in Nemea. In 2006, the production-bottling unit was completed in Koutsi, under the funding from the community program "LEADER+". From the beginning, they decided to use as a raw material the red grape variety of Agiorgitiko. All of their products are organic, without preservatives or additives and the production unit adheres the standards of ISO 9001:2000 and ΙSO 22000 systems. The products are certified by DIO (Inspection and certification organization of organic products.
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Vinegar with cardamom and 3 peppers

It all starts from the famous Greek grapes of the variety Agiorgitiko, that can be vinified. In ripe organic grapes the classical red vinification with controlled temperature is applied and without an..

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Vinegar Agiorgitiko Wisdom of Nature

Comes from the well-known grape variety, which gives the famous red wine P.D.O. Nemea. With all the aromas of the variety, the typical ruby color and the peppery flavor of vinegar, it is more than a s..

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Sweet vinegar Wisdom of Nature

Two traditional products from Agiorgitiko, vinegar and grape molasses (petimezi) "were joined" and the result is a unique product, the "sweet vinegar". The perfumes of Agiorgitiko variety, the sweetne..

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Vinegar Roditis Wisdom of Nature

Ripe grapes of the Roditis variety vinified at low temperature give an aromatic wine, from which the white wine vinegar “Sophia Roditis” is produced. The result is a vinegar with citrus and tropical f..

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White Balsamic vinegar with honey Wisdom of Nature

White balsamic vinegar from Roditi grapes combined with flower honey. An organic product that will give a distinctive character to a simple salad and to your cooking. ..

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Balsamic cream with mandarin Wisdom of Nature

The balsamic cream Wisdom of Nature is a biological product coming from Agiorgitiko grapes harmoniously combined with mandarin extract. The final product has unique characteristics and can give a spec..

8.11€Ex Tax: 7.18€

Balsamic vinegar with chilli pepper Wisdom of Nature

Spicy balsamic vinegar from Agiorgitiko grapes from organic farming, combined with chilli pepper extract. Spicy and distinctive, it can give a special character to your dishes. ..

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