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Semeli - Winery

Semeli company was founded in 1979, aiming to the production of high quality wines by people with vision and love for the Greek soil and the technological novelties. At the beginning, a model vineyard planted with novel grape varieties and cultivated with novel methods was established on the foothills of the mountain of Penteli. Later, the company proceeded to the acquisition of vineyards in the regions of Peloponnese, Nemea and Mantineia and the construction of a new, impressive winery in Nemea. The wines exhibit varietal and regional traits and soon gain the love and support of dedicated fans and wine lovers in Greece, as also abroad. Nowadays, is promoted the growth of Greek, indigenous varieties and the systematic effort for honest value to money ratio, while the parameters of human factor, good raw material and technological novelty always constitute the principal idea.
Semeli Estate Mantinia 2021
RP '20
JR '17
D '16
Silver (90)
Greenish with greyish hues. Complex nose, with the variety typical muscat aromas, such as citrus peels, rose, delight, peach, pear.  Full and balanced mouthsense, with good acidity and a sense of citrus aftertaste...
9.90€ 10.30€
Ex Tax:7.98€
Semeli Estate Nemea Grande Reserve 2016
RP '04
D '16
Gold (96)
Deep red, intensely sweet spices and dried fruit, nuts, cocoa and vanilla. Round mouth, with nice tannins that can further evolve. Long aftertaste...
20.50€ 21.10€
Ex Tax:16.53€
Semeli Estate Nemea Reserve 2017
RP '14
Intense purple color and complex bouquet with aromas of cherry, dried fruit, vanilla and spices. Velvety and balanced mouth feel and with good aftertaste...
11.40€ 11.80€
Ex Tax:9.19€
Clear red color, aromas of fresh red fruits, cinnamon and camellia. Light and easy to drink mouth feel with distinct sweetness and medium volume...
6.30€ 6.40€
Ex Tax:5.08€
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