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21 Jan How do we recognize wines gone bad?
Yiannis 0 14253
The dinner is wonderful, the atmosphere is magical, but the wine... undrinkable. How can we make if a wine is damaged or it just has a bad taste?It has happened to many people to order a wine and while everything else in the meal “ties up” wonde..
20 Jan Red or White Wine?
Yiannis 0 19329
Red or White Wine? Wine' s beneficial effect – without excesses in consumption – in health is now scientifically indisputable. However, there are many that wonder which wine is more preferable to consume: “Red or White”?Red Wine:It provides hig..
17 Jan The tradition of glass clinking
Yiannis 0 18655
The clinking glasses custom has its roots in the Middle Ages. It first appeared in formal meals, usually the ones, the Kings or the Aristocrats used to hold. The ritual didn't simply demand the clinking of the glasses so that the sound was just hea..
17 Jan Flavoured Sugar
Yiannis 0 11295
The culinary creations of sugar with flowers such as rose, lavender or jasmine, though they seem unusual, have their roots in tradition. The flowers are used in Asian and Oriental cuisine, and in the middle ages, flower and herbs maintenance using ..
16 Jan Debunking 5 common theories about wine
Yiannis 0 11356
Is the wine a very complex issue or is represented like one? Truth is this wine is quite versatile, depending on how is one treating it... If we examine some of the most known myths dominating wine' s world, we will discover that some of them w..
15 Jan How do we use the remaining wine?
Yiannis 0 8226
We oftenly find halffull wine botles in our fridge, which we end up throwing away after a while. There is no reason for that to happen, since we can use them in various ways. Making vinegar from the old wine, is one idea. We pour some vineg..
14 Jan The wine' s savouir vivre
Yiannis 0 13418
Did you know that the right choice of wine as well as its right maintenance are not enough in order for you to properly enjoy your wine?To impress your friends you need to know the following:1. Each time we move a bottle of wine from a place to..
07 Jan Wine & Cheese
Yiannis 0 16407
Dimitris Hatzinikolaou marries wine with cheese.It's about a relationship full of passion, intensity and imagination which in her fascinating harmony with wine, hides many difficulties, due to the cheese 's texture and colour, origin and manufac..
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