Have you ever come across a wine that seemed “edible”?
So dense and compact as well as tarty and unripe that would make the mouth dry up? If yes, then you should know that this is due to a special category of chemical compounds, called tannins.

Tannins are phenolic substanced, that mostly exist on grape peels and especially the redskin grapes. Together with the grape's juice a part of the tannins, is drifting and eventually moved to the wine as well.  So the bigger the duration of peel and juice coexistence, the more tannins are extracted.

In fact , tannins have the ability to bind the saliva' s protein and this translates to the tarty feeling we have in our mouth and feels like its drying up. Others like this feeling, and others don't since wines with lots of tannins are robust, exorbitant and heavy. But they also are the most gifted in terms of aging potential. Tannins are perhaps the most important factor that makes a wine suitable for aging. Indeed, as the wine ages, so the tannins soften and round off. A perfect balance, after a few years of aging might occur once the tannins incorporate fully into its body, and that is when the wine is at its peak.

So, according to their tannin content, the wines are distinguished into three basic categories: Tarty, Round and Soft.

Tarty are the wines that cause the palate to dry up and a solid texture sense that feels like we are chewing it. Such oversized varieties are the Xinomavro, the Mavrotragano, the Syrah and the Mavrodaphne.

Round wines are the balanced wines that have structure and richness in the mouth without their tannins standing out, as they add volume but they are chiseled in a way that they don't outweigh the other characteristics. This includes wines for Cabernet Sauvignon, Negoska and Mandilaria.

Finally, soft are the wines that leave a tender and soft feel, because they contain just as many tannins as there are needed in order to have the structure and the thickness that a classic red wine should have. The greek Agiorgitiko and the french Merlot are such wines.