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24 Mar Vinsanto. The Holy Wine.
Yiannis 0 22277
Everything you need to know about this sun-dried wine born each year from the legendary “coils”. While looking for old books from the first travellers in Greece, one can find the "Ils de la Grece ” (Greek Islands) (1853) by Louis Lacroix, who, arri..
16 Nov Malmsey Greek wine - recommended by Rick Stein!
Yiannis 3 40942
 Top English chef Rick Stein was in Monemvasia in southern Greece recently filming with the BBC for his Venice to Istanbul series.   During his trip he visited the Monemvasia Winery where he tasted their Malvasia 2010 - an updated version of an o..
23 Jan A liquer story
Yiannis 0 12711
A Liqueur Story. Herbs, flowers, spices, fruits and vegetables enrich the alcohol with their aromas. The total sweetened with sugar, and that's how the liqueurs are created.The word liqueur comes from the latin liquefacere which means dissolve a..
04 Jul Sweet Wine Sorbet
Yiannis 0 10817
You can enjoy your favorite wine, cool from the fridge... but what would you say to try it a few degrees colder, i.e. like sorbet? Boil in a saucepan 300ml water with 300gram white sugar until sugar is dissolved, and for another two to three mi..
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