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07 Apr What wines will you try during Easter? | Stavros Moustakas Oktapodas DipWSET
Greece and Grapes 0 793
What wines will you try during Easter? Should you go classic or unconventional? Easter Sunday, a day of celebration and the festive end of fasting.Traditionally, in one way or another, (almost) everyone will eat mageiritsa, lamb, on the spit, in ..
15 Mar New distinction for a Greek wine.
Greece and Grapes 0 755
New distinction for a Greek wine.   Domaine Gerovassiliou Syrah 2021 took part in the competition Syrah Du Monde and was included in the 10 best Syrah in the world!The judging panel blindly tasted more than 260 wines from 23 countries and selec..
10 Feb How Do I Describe a Wine?
Greece and Grapes 0 1130
How Do I Describe a Wine?Wine magazines, blogs, publications, and other sources many times use terms and sayings … incomprehensible to the uninformed. What do all these exotic terms really mean? If I was crazy about a wine, how would I describe it to..
07 Dec Decanting: Essential or just a show-off? | Stavros Moustakas Oktapodas DipWSET
Greece and Grapes 0 2450
Decanting: Essential or just a show-off?Most of us who read these lines have witnessed, in some fine restaurant, the sommelier decanting a wine with surgical precision and religious reverence wine into a stylish crystal decanter. Do we really need th..
29 Mar Greek Spirits
Greece and Grapes 0 2176
Over recent years Greece progressed markedly in the production of spirits. "Simple" as well as aged samples excel in international competitions and markets, with what was valid in the previous decade being a distant past.Let's get to know the Greek s..
24 Mar Vinsanto. The Holy Wine.
Yiannis 0 24025
Everything you need to know about this sun-dried wine born each year from the legendary “coils”. While looking for old books from the first travellers in Greece, one can find the "Ils de la Grece ” (Greek Islands) (1853) by Louis Lacroix, who, arri..
26 Feb Natural wines in Greece: A Greece and Grapes selection
admin 0 9982
  Natural wines is a trend that cannot be ignored. Like everywhere else in the world, some Greek winemakers have chosen to follow this path as well, trying to produce wines under minimal intervention scheme that are terroir-driven, expressive and wel..
19 Mar Skouras Synoro | Konstantinos Lazarakis MW
admin 0 4570
Skouras Synoro: Read the full article of Konstantinos Lazarakis MW and enjoy the vintages of 2008, 2012, as well as the current one of 2015, with just a click!  The wine area for a few years now is the best wine area ever! A few decades ago t..
28 Jul Santorini Wine Report: Earth, Wind & Fire
Greece and Grapes 0 3626
Santorini Wine Report: Earth, Wind & Fire  Dear wine lover,   We wanted to share with you the exciting news of the publication of the Terroir Report on Santorini by Yiannis Karakasis MW. It can be found on Yiannis’ site.   From 6 produ..
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