Did you know that the right choice of wine as well as its right maintenance are not enough in order for you to properly enjoy your wine?

To impress your friends you need to know the following:

1. Each time we move a bottle of wine from a place to another we must let it rest for in full serenity for 2 to 4 weeks in order to regain its balance.


2. The ideal temperature for serving wine is:
- For the dry whites and roses, the right temperature is 8 – 12 Celcious degrees.
- For the sweet whites and the sparkling wines, the right temperature is 8 – 9 Celcious degrees.
- For the light fruity reds, the right temperature is 12 – 16 Celcious degrees.
- For the rest of the ageing reds, the right temperature is 16 – 18 Celcious degrees (room temperature).


3. The ideal serving glass ut certainly be transparent, so that the wine's view is allowed, with a thin foot to be easily held and have a wide opening.

4. The wine must occupy only the 2/3 of the glass. The rest of the space that is remained empty, will fill up by the wine' s aroma.


5. When we decide to serve more than one wine, the correct order you must follow is as follows:
- First the whites and then the reds.
- First the dry wines and then the sweet wines.
- First the fresh and then the aged.


6. The wine must be opened at least an hour before the meal, especially the red wine, so that the air's  oxygen facilitates the bouquets aromas.


7. When the red aged wine, has sediment, it must be transfused into a carafe, so that we can enjoy it without being altered.

Source: www.newsbomb.gr