This Tsiknopempti, we will all gather around the table to “marry” red meat with red wine. It's about a century lasting wedding and is considered as one of the most succesful.

Do you want to take a quick look to the reasons of this succesful matching? In contradiction to everything that one has believed or heard at times, tha basic reason for which experts steadily suggest the combination of red meat and red wine is chemistry. Most of us have heard about tannin, a substance (phenol) that is found in many plants, vegetables and fruits with grape and tea being  very characteristic examples. In the grapes case, tannin exists in the red/black variety grapes peel and that's why during the must' s fermentation (contains the juice and the grape's flesh), this substance goes through to the final product, wine. Tannin is the substance that while drinking either a full red wine or a strong tea, leaves a characteristic tarty feeling and a dryness on the gums.


Depending on the wine' s variety and the characteristics the winemaker wants to give to it through its vinification, we have huge tannin level differences amongst the wines. And if you are wondering why all this hassle for a substance that creates a feeling that doesn't seem so pleasant, you should know that its existence is essential in red wine, both to balance its structure, compared with all other features, and to increase th e dynamics of ageing, so that the wine maintains its vitality and character over time.

So in chemistry: It's scientifically  proven that tannins are appended to the fatty proteins , and that is the secret of a successful combination of red wine and red meat. What does that mean in practice? It means that when a bite of the delicious and fatty cutlet is followed by a sip of red wine, tannins collect the fatty proteins from our mouth and quickly exempt us from the gooey feeling.

So we, with our mouth fresh and renewed, continue towards the extinction of all forms of roast red meat (and not only) that lies ahead!

Tsiknopempti offers itself for us to enjoy a good meat and above all, good company!


By Theodoros Lelekas