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31 May
John 0 3679
23 Mar Visit at the Dougos Winery
konstantinos 0 5999
It was an open invitation. We often stalled our visit s since daily pressure in Athens makes you sometimes to not even want to move a finger over the weekend. However on the first Saturday of March we overcame our procrastination having the weather..
07 Nov Greece and Grapes and Zacharias Diamantakis invite you!
Yiannis 0 9731
On Novemver 16th 2016, at "a Liar Man" bar at 21:00, we will be honored to have with us Zacharias Diamantakis from the Diamantakis winery from Crete, at a tasting event which will have as main subject the local varieties of Crete and the Cretian vi..
01 Nov New Greek Wine Ratings from Robert Parker Wine Advocate
Yiannis 0 9327
The latest Issue 227 of Robert Parker Wine Advocate was just released with some excellent ratings for selected Greek wines. Beyond the personal opinion of any wine connoisseur for any assessment of this type, it is sure that such ratings help with ..
18 Oct Yiannis Papargyriou and the King of the Mountains
Yiannis 1 6704
On Saturday the 8th we visited a winemaker and a partner of ours and to be honest we had been waiting a long time for this encounter. We visited Yiannis Papargyriou at his house in Lalioti, Corinth who gave us a tour around his cellar filled with the..
01 Apr Athens Wine Roads
Yiannis 0 8768
 Recently 5 wineries within Attica came together and created th "Wine Roadsof Athens". Which is a asystem of paths through which someone has the opportunity to get to know the wines of these wineries and enjoy the sights of the region aroun the G..
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