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17 Mar Dark Cave: A «dark» greek secret
Yiannis 1 5743
The new member of the Tsilili family is here to charm you with its rich aromas and its "dark" looks.Read more here...
24 Sep With time come tsipouro...
Yiannis 0 7091
If you ever happen to find yourself in the autumn in "kazanemata" season, you'll be overwhelmed by  the aromas and the magical process of tsipouro production. The smell of hot alcohol and raw unripe and fruity aromas of grapes and fermented grape jui..
09 Jul Ouzo: instructions of usage
Yiannis 0 13884
“You drink a lot, you wake up well” they say in Chios for ouzo. But if you want to follow the instructions to enjoy ouzo, then you should do what they do in Mytilini (Lesvos). A few drops of water will help its aromatic richness to unfold and these..
14 Mar Ouzo & Tsipouro: The distillates of joy
Yiannis 0 28883
Am introduction to Greek Ouzo, Tsipouro & TsikoudiaOuzo and Tsipouro are found on most tables in Greece especially in the summer time and accompanied by a plates of 'mezedes' (small plates of different foods and tastes). But what the heck is Ouzo..
31 Jan A warm tsipouro recipe for the winter.
Yiannis 0 9494
Ideal for the days where the temperature is dropping! Try it after the dinner with good company. It will give you a feeling of warmth and relaxation! Ingredients:200ml tsipouro1 tsp pepper¼ tsp nutmeg Execution:We boil for eight t..
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