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Estate Alpha Chardonnay 2019 Ecosystem
RP '17
JR '16
Yellow vibrant color, with delicate aromas from ripe yellow fruits, jasmine flowers, as also vanilla, milk candy and white pepper. Mouth with delicious acidity, greasiness and minerality, with a good length aftertaste...
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Estate Alpha Sauvignon Blanc Fumé 2020 Ecosystem
RP '18
JR '17
D '19
Silver (92)
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Attractive lemon color, delicate but complex nose, where scents of green apple, pineapple and white-fleshed peaches, basil and lukumi gradually unfold, as also hints of tobacco and vanilla. Mouth with elegance, balance and good structure, topped with a juicy and fragrant aftertaste...
18.90€ 19.50€
Ex Tax:15.24€
On the slopes of the historic Mt Pangeon, the "Golden Mountain", place of upbringing and worship of the god Dionysus, Charismatiki Wines produce an enjoyable Sauvignon Blancfrom private vineyards.A wine with white-yellow color, with some green highlights to make their appearance. On the nose, the ve..
11.50€ 11.90€
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Pavlidis Emphasis Chardonnay 2019
RP '16
Crystal golden color, and a nose that is composed by complex aromas of pineapple and fresh peach, honey and butter and fresh herbs hints. Mouth with pretty good volume, that enters with sweetness, but is balanced by a lively acidity that gives it freshness. Delicious aftertaste with aroma of tropica..
15.60€ 16.10€
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Chardonnay from Oinotropai winery in Messinia, which matures in American oak for approximately 5 months, gaining a buttery almost new world , charming character. Wine made to accompany lunch or dinner. Think roasted chicken or pork with rich sauces.Tasting note by Yiannis Karakasis MW..
11.90€ 12.20€
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Wine Art Idisma Drios Chardonnay 2020
RP '16
Shiny silver-yellow color. Intense aromatic character, with notes of exotic fruits, vanilla, banana, white flowers and spices. Roundness in the mouth and a pleasantly acidic and lively aftertaste...
15.70€ 16.00€
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Skouras Dum Vinum Sperum 2019
RP '17
Warm yellow color, rich bouquet with lively feel of nuts, minerality, but also vibrant fruit, such as melon, peach and pineapple. Impressively complex mouthsense  with an edgy freshness, but also maturity that is translated into notes of vanilla, butter and bitter almond. Stylish and long lasting af..
27.50€ 28.50€
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Kostas Lalikos' long-awaited wine is finally here, turning the semi-dry character of the old Circus into a dry Gewurztraminer. Its first release has the formality of the variety and promising evolution over time. Gentle yellow color with complex aromas of clams, flowers, lime, rip yellow fruits and ..
13.80€ 14.00€
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Manousakis Nostos Romeiko 2020 Manousakis Nostos Romeiko 2020
RP '19
Romeiko is indigenous to Crete. A black skinned variety cultivated mainly in the area of Chania, producing old fashioned wines until the last years. Now quality conscious producers, such as Manousakis, are presenting a new modern interpretation to this local heritage grape. One of the very few singl..
9.90€ 10.20€
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Tselepos Melissopetra 2020
RP '13
D '15
Light, vivid yellow color, vivacious aromatic character consisting of scents from exotic fruits, acacia blossoms, peach and mint, in the background of citrus. Medium-bodied mouth feel, with a fairly good acidity and a pleasant, fruity aftertaste...
14.50€ 14.88€
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On the face we have a bright lemon color. On the nose we find an explosive combination of evening flower and rose, with the quince following and hints of ginger making their appearance. Moderate body on the palate, this wine is distinguished for its refreshing acidity and pleasant aftertaste...
6.20€ 7.10€
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A wine from a classic white wines Bordeaux variety in a rare, for Greece, single variety wine. Pale yellow color, characteristic aromas of apricot, vanilla and tea leaves, hints of butter and herbs. Well-structured, fresh and aromatic mouth-feel...
14.90€ 15.50€
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