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Tasting Pack - Crete Out Of Stock

Tasting Pack - Crete

The largest Greek island plays an important role in the Greek wine map. The combination of climate, topography, soil composition and producer effort make the island an ideal place for viticulture. The..

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Tasting Pack - Naoussa

One of the major wine regions of Central Macedonia with PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) wines is Naoussa at Imathia county. In this area, the famous Xinomavro is cultivated, giving red dry, sem..

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Tasting Pack - Tsipouro without anise Out Of Stock

Tasting Pack - Tsipouro without anise

Tsipouro is a traditional Greek spirit that the beginning of its production is located about 7 centuries ago when brewed by Mount Athos monks. Gradually the production was spread in various parts of G..

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Tasting Pack - Sparkling Sweet

In the oldest years, sparkling were associated with the celebration of a pleasant event and many times this pleasure was exhausted at the bottle opening process. Sparkling wines gradually gained many ..

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Tasting Pack - Summer Red

Red "fresh" wines that can be enjoyed even in summer, as may be served at a lower temperature than the usual for red wines.We chose a six-pack from our list and we offer them at a special price! ..

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Tasting Pack - Malagouzia

Malagouzia is a white variety that starting from Northern Greece, it is gradually cultivated in almost the whole country. It flourished in many regions and spread quickly because it gives excellent wh..

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