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Ariousios Glikazon 2014

Red color of medium density, with red brick highlights and a sequence of mature flavors like dried apricots and plums, quince jam, coffee and vanilla in a medium volume mouth, sweet and sour. Finish o..

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Samos Nectar 2012
RP '10
JR '10
D '10
Silver (90)

Samos Nectar 2012

Dark golden color, and aromatic character dominated by dried apricot and plum, stewed fruit, butter caramel, cinnamon and roasted nuts. Elegant and harmonious mouth, with good acidity, ripe, with Musc..

17.00€ 16.50€
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Samos Anthemis 2013
RP '08
JR '07
D '11
Bronze (88)

Samos Anthemis 2013

Deep amber color with copper highlights, and concentrated bouquet of the fragrances of dried apricot, sweet plum, cherry compote and butter caramel, cocoa, coffee and roasted nuts. Elegant mouth start..

10.00€ 9.60€
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Samos Vin Doux 2018
RP '16
JR '16
D '14

Samos Vin Doux 2018

Gold color. Primary grape aromas, flowers, fresh fruits and honey. Soft mouth with natural sweetness. The sweetness in good balance with the acidity, giving a long-lasting aftertaste...

7.60€ 7.40€
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Parparoussis Moscato Riou Patron 2016
RP '13

Parparoussis Moscato Riou Patron 2016

Brassy bright color, a fragrant citrus wine, apricot, lime and orange, as well as hints of roasted nuts, caramel and cinnamon. Mouth exuberant, with volume and strong personality, with an acidity that..

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Papargyriou Late Harvest 2018

A delicious and well made wine from overripe grapes. Extremely delicate and elegant aromas, with hints of chamomile, jasmine, apple pie, apricot jam and honey, with hints of muscat. Delicate and contr..

13.30€ 12.90€
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Pythagorean Epogdoon 2017 Out Of Stock

Pythagorean Epogdoon 2017

Class and elegance are what fully characterize this Muscat, which makes its presence felt and distinct, as it reminds you of its intense floral features, with jasmine and rich aromas of nuts, such as ..

15.00€ 13.50€
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Karelas Mavrodafni 2015

Dense red color. Complex and spicy nose with intense aromas of spices, chocolate and coffee. Hot and alcoholic mouth sense with the sweetness prevailing of the acidity and with a big peppery aftertast..

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Petrakopoulos Melitino 2017

From Zakynthian sun-dried grapes, Melitino is an amazing sweet wine, full of aromas apricots, grapefruit, honey and raisins. Harmonious in the mouth, layered, finishing with some soft tannins...

22.10€ 21.40€
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Nopera 2014
JR '13
Gold (95)

Nopera 2014

Bright amber color with intense "sweet" and characteristic aromas of the well-known variety Muscat Samos like acacia flowers, rose petals, orange peel but also the notes of honey, raisins, dried figs ..

22.40€ 21.70€
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It is the epitome of composing muscat sweet wines with different barrel ageing . NOPERA oenologists choose between different vintages and different terroir sweet wines, when feasible, so as to produce..

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Apiliotis 2011 Out Of Stock

Apiliotis 2011

Black red color, aromas of sweet fruit preserve and bitter caramel, with notes of spices and smoke. Mouth sense with lively acidity and sweetness that harmonize well. Intense tannins and airy feeling ..

36.60€ 35.50€
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Vermood (Vermouth Bianco) Out Of Stock

Vermood (Vermouth Bianco)

It is a semi-sweet white vermouth where natural sweetening comes from white sweet Muscat wine flavored with wormwood, bergamot and a variety of Greek herbs. It does not contain colorings and sugar, bu..

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Malvasia Moraitis
RP '11

Malvasia Moraitis

Dark bronze color with concetrated aromas of dried apricots, raisins and honey. Delicious, robust and thick mouthsense filled with roasted almonds and caramel overlay. Long lasting sweet aftertaste...

24.90€ 23.90€
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Vin Doux Moschato Limnou

A light expression of Lemnos dessert wine, which unfolds fresh aromas of mint, lime, orange marmalade, flowers Neratzia and candied rose petals. Mouth too full and sweet, the acidity in a second role...

11.40€ 11.00€
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Mavrodafni Karelas 2003 (500ml)
RP '08

Mavrodafni Karelas 2003 (500ml)

Caramel and sour cherry aromas on the nose, ink, cinnamon, dried cherries and plums, honey, butter, vanilla, nuts, but also cues from chocolate and roasted coffee beans. Wonderful evolution in the mou..

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Piccolo Mondo White

Bright yellow colour with golden highlights. Intense on the nose with aromas of citrus and yellow fruit marmalade, with balanced acidity and body. Delicate taste with aromas of yellow fruit, honey and..

6.40€ 6.30€
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Idaia Liatiko
D '12
Commended (83)

Idaia Liatiko

Brown, candy shade, on a wine that needs its time in the glass to emerge ripe and concentrated aromas of coffee, caramel, butter and honey, but also hints of raisin and dried figs. Medium volume mouth..

19.50€ 18.50€
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Mavrodafni Karelas 2003 (4 bottles)
RP '08

Mavrodafni Karelas 2003 (4 bottles)

Caramel and sour cherry aromas on the nose, ink, cinnamon, dried cherries and plums, honey, butter, vanilla, nuts, but also cues from chocolate and roasted coffee beans. Wonderful evolution in the mou..

Ex Tax: 40.00€
Parparoussis Mavrodafni Reserve
RP '03

Parparoussis Mavrodafni Reserve

Deep red colour with terracotta reflections, with sweet and ripe aromas of red fruit, spices and herbs. Highly rich mouth sense with intense sense of alcohol, fairly balanced with a long lasting after..

24.80€ 23.60€
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Moschato Limnou

Pure and fragrant aromas of Muscat in this wine, reminiscing of rosewater and bergamot. Gently sweet, thanks to its good acidity...

8.20€ 7.80€
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Samos Grand Cru
RP '13
JR '16
D '16
Bronze (89)

Samos Grand Cru

Bright yellow color with silver highlights. Rich and delicate aromatic character, with scents of spices, flowers, yellow fruits and sweet citrus are being pronounced. Full flavor in a gentle mouth, wi..

7.80€ 7.60€
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Piccolo Mondo Red

Clear red color, aromas of fresh red fruits, cinnamon and camellia. Light and easy to drink mouth feel with distinct sweetness and medium volume...

6.40€ 6.30€
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La Terra

Vivid yellow color and aromas of ripe yellow fruits such as those of apple, quince and apricot jam, as also lemon blossom scents. Pronounced acidity, refreshing sweetness, as well as a bitter finish w..

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La Terra Grand Cru

Deep yellow color with caramel reflections and superb aromas of fresh herbs on the nose, fruit jams, rose, caramel and cinnamon traces. Well-bodied mouth feel, with a refreshing and balancing acidity...

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