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Greek Varieties

Argyros Vinsanto Late Release 2001
New Only 1 Left
The most mature yet translucent Vinsanto of Estate Argyros. A strict selection of excessively old -two hundred year old minimum- Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri vineyards in Episkopi, specifically earmarked for this style. Harvested at very deep ripeness, almost a month after the main picking date, giv..
69.80€ 71.90€
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Argyros Vinsanto First Release 2013
RP '09
JR '09
D '13
Platinum (97)
The youngest Vinsanto of Estate Argyros, demonstrating what youth is for such a wine. A strict selection of excessively old Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri vineyards in Episkopi, two hundred year old minimum, specifically earmarked for this style. Harvested at very deep ripeness, almost a month after t..
33.90€ 34.70€
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Santo Wines Vinsanto 2013
RP '12
JR '10
Gold (96)
Brand: Santo Wines
Dark color with orange and brown hues. Rich and dense aromas of toffee, dried fruit, jam, raisins, nuts and peanut butter with chocolate. Syrupy mouthsense with surprising complexity and attractive palate with the predominant dried fruits being complemented with coffee notes. Balanced sweetness with..
27.10€ 28.50€
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Argyros Vinsanto 20 Years 1996
RP '92
JR '92
D '96
Silver (94)
In Stock (Low quantity)
Amber glowing color. Expressive, magnificent nose that starts with delicate scents of honey and dried fruits, and continues with a touch of brandy, cocoa, butter caramel and roasted nuts. Mouth exuberant and elegant in the same time, well-structured and balanced, since the sweetness is in absolute h..
Ex Tax:74.76€
Argyros Vinsanto 12 Years 2003
RP '01
JR '00
D '04
Platinum (98)
In Stock (Low quantity)
Dark color of aged cognac with honey hues and nice clarity. Rich, complex nose with dried apricots and prunes scents, preparing for a wonderful, multi-layered, long lasting and deep mouth feel. Dried fruits and nuts, tobacco and chocolate on the palate, gradually leading to a long lasting aftertaste..
Ex Tax:53.79€
Sigalas Vinsanto 2013
RP '09
JR '06
D '09
Commended (83)
Only 1 Left
Bright golden color with light red brick hues, nose with a wonderfull complexity and spicy character, with strong and long lasting aromas of dried fruits, honey, roasted nuts, coffee grains, bitter chocolate and hints of adhesive. Honeyed mouth, velvety, with a lovely sweet and sour flavor and very ..
44.90€ 46.50€
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Hatzidakis Vinsanto 2004 (Santorini)
RP '00
JR '03
D '03
Only 1 available
Dark, caramel color reminiscent of molasses that "shows its age". Nose of medium intensity, with complex aromas of butter, cognac, nuts, vanilla and dried plum. Mouth very interesting, complex, rich, with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, with pleasant chocolate flavor and long aftertas..
24.80€ 25.90€
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Hortais 2008
RP '07
Bright ruby color with red brick evolution hints and ripe aromas of chocolate, plum, pepper, coffee and caramel. Rich and velvety mouth, well-structured and harmonious, with good quality tannins and a long aftertaste of hazelnut and chocolate...
29.40€ 31.10€
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Vinsanto by Gaia 2006 (Santorini) Vinsanto by Gaia 2006 (Santorini)
RP '05
D '05
Out Of Stock
Complex and intense aromas that refer to fruits that have gone through fire and have been caramelized with raisins, apricots and figs being dominant. Sweet and very complex flavor with impressive durability. Coffee notes, bergamot and dry figs are the most distinct...
33.50€ 34.90€
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Vinsanto Karamolegos 2007
RP '06
JR '07
D '09
Silver (92)
Only 1 Left
Dark caramel color, pure and sweet nose with dried fruits and jams, nuts, confit citrus and honey. Complex mouthfeel, greasy and balanced with the sweetness and acidity in perfect proportions. Aftertaste that does not go away, in a wine with great style and many years ahead to evolve even further...
36.90€ 38.20€
Ex Tax:29.76€
Malvasia 2012 (malmsey)
RP '10
D '12
Silver (94)
Recommended by Rick Stein!An modern version of a wine popular since the Middle Ages often referred to as Malmsey (or Marmsie). Caramel in colour with bright blonde sheens. A charming bouquet of aromas revealing ripe and candied fruits, quince paste, orange confit, honey, raisins and cof..
50.20€ 55.80€
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Brand: Castro
Junique is a unique combination of white wine and natural juniper extract. An impressive co-existence which gives us a rich, special flavor. It can be enjoyed slightly chilled as an aperitif, straight, on the rocks or in the most unique cocktails...
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