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Volacus Rosaki 2018 Out Of Stock

Volacus Rosaki 2018

Investing and discovering more on local varieties of Tinos was the main goal of producer Michalis Kontizas, when he bought a piece of land in Falatados, scattered with huge, imposing granitic rocks (i..

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Gerovassiliou Xinomavro 2018

The brand new rosé label of Estate Gerovassiliou is sourced from young Xinomavro vines, from the privately owned Gerovassiliou vineyard in Epanomi, Thessaloniki.Pale salmon colour, followed by a red f..

16.40€ 16.20€
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Rizitis Rose 2018

Vibrant pink color and lovely elegant floral aromas like violet, rose and red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry. Medium to full-bodied mouthfeel, pleasant tannins with jam and rose aromas at the..

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Zafeirakis Limniona Rosé 2019
RP '15
JR '16

Zafeirakis Limniona Rosé 2019

Salmon color. Aromas of red fruits such as strawberry and cherry with hints of white flowers and herbs. Good and refreshing acidity with the fruits present and long aftertaste...

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Wine Art Pink Bang 2019
RP '17

Wine Art Pink Bang 2019

Soft litchi shell pink color with violet hues. Complex nose with notes of rose, strawberry, cherry and hints of violet. Mouth with subtle notes of small red fruits. Smooth, elegant finish with refresh..

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Tselepos Gris de Nuit 2019

Elegant and charming, the Tselepos Gris de Nuit Rose is produced from exotic pink-skinned Moschofilero grapes. It has a gentle, salmon color obtained by a few hours maceration.Intense aromas, includin..

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Troupis Tomi Rosé 2019
D '16
Bronze (88)

Troupis Tomi Rosé 2019

The few recent vitrifications of rose wines from Moshofilero seem truly interesting. Although the variety is known for its white wines, its grayish color and winemakers extensive experiments gave very..

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Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro 2018
RP '12

Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro 2018

Light bright pink (salmon) color. Complex nose, with typical aromas of small red fruits, cornel, wild strawberry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla. Full mouthfeel, with round tannins and balanced acidity. L..

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Sun Rose 2017
JR '15

Sun Rose 2017

A new and very interesting proposal in the emerging field of Greek rosé wines. It has the characteristic color of the wines of Provence but in a darker tone with slightly brownish shades. Interesting ..

12.10€ 11.70€
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Saumon 2018

A rose wine in the standards of the "Côtes de Provence" with the classic onion skin color that hides a wine with flower aromas with mineral notes and caramel hues. Perfectly balanced mouth sense with ..

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Rousala BIO 2016 -14%

Rousala BIO 2016

The bright pink at first sight prepares us for aromas of fresh juicy fruits like red cherries and strawberries, which is even confirmed on the palate. Light notes of vegetation provide freshness to be..

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Rosy charming color and nose full of red fruits sweet shades such as cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, violet, cinnamon, bubblegum and Turkish delight rose. Fresh, rich and refreshing sparkles with gen..

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Parparoussi Petite Fleur 2019
RP '16

Parparoussi Petite Fleur 2019

Somon, delicate rose wine with delicate aromas of pear, tea and hints of cherry jam, smooth and balanced taste, delicious acidity and fruity aftertaste...

10.30€ 10.20€
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Papagiannakopoulos Ypsilon Agiorgitiko Rosé 2019 -10%

Papagiannakopoulos Ypsilon Agiorgitiko Rosé 2019

Panos Papagiannakopoulos, winemaker and owner of the newest winery in Nemea, utilizes the local red variety in a rosé wine that expresses all the primary aromas of Agiorgitiko, while at the same time ..

8.10€ 7.30€
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Olympia Land Estate Artemis 2018

Full of juicy red fruit aromas, such as strawberries and citrus fruits, it perfectly combines its medium to greasy body with moderate acidity and the cherry notes, leaving a medium aftertaste...

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Mpougiouris Rose 2017 Out Of Stock

Mpougiouris Rose 2017

Strawberry color with terracotta hues. Fresh fruit aromas, with a sense of minerality. Strawberry and cherry are felt on the palate, which has moderate volume and refreshing aftertaste...

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Moropoulos Moschofilero Rosé 2018 -15%

Moropoulos Moschofilero Rosé 2018

A new interpretation of the Moschofilero grape, vinified as a rosé wine, from the upcoming Moropoulos winery. Matures for several months with the lees and has a production of only 15.000 bottlesAttrac..

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Migas Muscat Tyrnavou Rosé 2019

Bright pink color. Explosive fruit aromas with a sweet rose tint at the end. Rich mouthsense with a pleasant and refreshing aftertaste...

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Methea Red 2018
RP '16

Methea Red 2018

Transparent cherry color and nose with muscat aromas, reminiscent of a sweet wine. Spices, candied fruits and jams, flavor the palate. Light, soft and mild tonnes mouthfeel...

6.10€ 5.40€
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L' Esprit du Lac 2018 Out Of Stock

L' Esprit du Lac 2018

Esprit Du Lac (Spirit of Lake) is a modern and refreshing rose wine from Xinomavro grapes. It has a vibrant pink-to-salmon color, with a floral character on the nose that comes from the selection of y..

13.60€ 13.21€
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Ktima Biblia Chora Rosé 2019
RP '15
D '16
Bronze (87)

Ktima Biblia Chora Rosé 2019

Rich cherry color and expressive nose, with aromas of fresh blueberry, cherry and strawberry, sweet and sour cherry, caramel, rose and herbal scents. Mouth with nice acidity, very fruity and floral wi..

12.30€ 12.00€
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Kir Yianni Akakies 2018
RP '16
D '15

Kir Yianni Akakies 2018

Deep cherry color, bright and clear. Intense nose dominated by fresh tomato, cherry, raspberry aromas, with sufficient length. Beautiful mouth, intense, with flavors of tomato paste and distinctive fr..

7.80€ 5.90€
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Ieria (Priestess) 2018
RP '17

Ieria (Priestess) 2018

Sweet light gray-salmon color, intense roses and citrus aromas with hints of Grek loukoumi, lime and lemon blossoms. Moderate mouthfeel, refreshing acidity, with volume and long-lasting aftertaste. A ..

11.50€ 11.30€
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Idaia Ghi Rosé 2018

Rose charming color and explosive aromas of cherry, candy, bubble gum, and sweet rose. Mouth cool and equally aromatic, spicy and balanced. Long-lasting aftertaste...

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Estate Manolesakis Anastasia Rosé 2019

Bright pink colour, impressive aromas of red berries & fruits such as cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, gooseberry and fresh strawberry. Easy-to-drink with soft tannins and refreshing acidity. Long cher..

9.10€ 8.90€
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Estate Alpha Rosé 2019
RP '18
JR '17
D '16
Silver (90)

Estate Alpha Rosé 2019

Pale rose color, particularly fragrant on the nose, nearly sugary with lukumi and bubblegum starring, followed by discreetly fruity notes. Gently sweet mouth feel, thick, pretty aromatic as on the nos..

17.50€ 17.10€
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Dreamcatcher Rosé 2018 -10%

Dreamcatcher Rosé 2018

Rose strawberry color, and nose with intense aromas of strawberry, tomato, flowers and orange zest. Equally aromatic and light mouthsense, with soft acidity and good balance...

5.00€ 4.50€
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Dourakis Faros Rosé

Delicious medium-sweet rose wine with a fruity character on the nose and the palate. The grape variety Grenache Rouge has successfully adapted to the warm climate of Crete and has an impressive track ..

7.10€ 6.90€
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