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La Tour Melas Idylle d' Achinos 2020
RP '16
D '14

La Tour Melas Idylle d' Achinos 2020

From 100-year-old vineyard, the Rosé Idylle has a bright and soft rose color that captures the look and reminds of the rosé wines of Provence. In the nose it impresses with a refined fragrant composit..

14.76€ 14.00€
Ex Tax: 11.29€

Kourtis Eos 2019

Wine produced from the vinification of red varieties Xinomavro and Syrah. It has a balanced flavor, where strong aromas of small red fruits, cherry, strawberry and raspberry appear. With a unique volu..

Ex Tax: 7.50€

Akriotou Hermit Rosé 2019

On the face we have a rose color. The aromatic profile is intense, with strawberry, cherry and flowers in the foreground, with notes of herbs following. On the palate it is enjoyable with a medium+ bo..

12.40€ 11.90€
Ex Tax: 9.60€

Lalikos Varieté 2020

Salmon pink color, semidry, with aromas of red fruit and flowers, balanced sweetness and flavor freshness...

8.60€ 8.40€
Ex Tax: 6.77€
Zoinos Aurelia Sparkling 2018
D '15
Bronze (86)

Zoinos Aurelia Sparkling 2018

An off dry rosé, sparkling and delicious wine. Strict Debina flanked by android Xinomavro, giving an attractive wine with fresh red fruits emphasizing on cherry and strawberry, with traces of tomato a..

9.20€ 9.00€
Ex Tax: 7.26€

Avantis Estate Lenga Pink 2020

The new rosé wine of Avantis Estate comes stylically between the classic rose Aventis and the Plagies Gerakion with an almost sensual blend of Mavrokoundoura and the fragrant Gewurztraminer.Mavrokound..

11.80€ 11.50€
Ex Tax: 9.27€

Kanakaris Notos Rosé 2019

In the glass we see a bright salmon color. On the nose we find strong aromas of red fruit with subtle floral notes following. On the palate it has a moderate body, crunchy acidity and a pleasant after..

Ex Tax: 2.82€

Markogianni Rose 2019

Fruity, cool wine, with intense aromas of red fruits and strawberries, as well as rose notes. Full mouth, with intense strawberry and cherry flavors that are beautifully balanced its with herbal sense..

9.70€ 9.40€
Ex Tax: 7.58€
Kamkoutis Rosé 2019 -19%

Kamkoutis Rosé 2019

This rosé wine produced by Cabernet Franc and Malagousia, is distinguished by the pronounced aromas of strawberry and forest fruits.The palette is fruity and sharp, with intense aromas of raspberry an..

11.70€ 9.50€
Ex Tax: 7.66€

Rouvalis Frangosikia 2019

An attractive Cabernet Franc-Roditis blend with a special color, reminiscent of the color of prickly pears. Here the cosmopolitan Cabernet Franc intertwines with the reddish Roditis and together they ..

11.20€ 10.90€
Ex Tax: 8.79€
Oenogenesis Fegites Rosé 2019
RP '15

Oenogenesis Fegites Rosé 2019

Bright cherry color, elegant and aromatic nose, with sweet fruits and bubblegum scents. Mouth cool, with volume and pleasant, fruity aftertaste...

11.30€ 10.90€
Ex Tax: 8.79€

Theodorakakos Rosé 2019

Orange-rosy color with caramel aromas of cherry and strawberry. Delicious, leaving sweetness and refreshing acidity in mouth...

8.90€ 8.50€
Ex Tax: 6.85€

Vriniotis Methea Rosé 2019

Methea Rosé by Vriniotis Winery is an excellent value-for-money wine, from the unique blend of the Monemvasia and Mavrokoundoura varieties. The color is soft and pink. The floral aromas dominate the n..

6.70€ 6.60€
Ex Tax: 5.32€

Kir Yianni Paranga Flowers 2019

Bright pink color with aromas of strawberry, tomatoes and berries on a background of sweet spices. Light mouthsense where the acidity is balanced with the subtle sweetness, giving a harmonious finish...

7.70€ 7.50€
Ex Tax: 6.05€

Vogiatzis Rosé 2019

Bright rosé with violet hues, intense fruity aroma with notes of red currant, muscat and also earthy – herbal impressions. Rich and aromatic taste, integrated acidity with a beautiful finish...

9.50€ 9.40€
Ex Tax: 7.58€
Mylonas Malagousia-Mandilaria Rosé 2019
RP '18

Mylonas Malagousia-Mandilaria Rosé 2019

One of the most complete rosés on the market, based exclusively on native varieties, from talented winemaker Stamatis Mylonas. 80% Malagousia and 20% red Mandilaria, from four vineyards at an altitude..

9.80€ 8.50€
Ex Tax: 6.85€
Muses Estate Amuse Rosé 2019
D '16
Silver (90)

Muses Estate Amuse Rosé 2019

Salmon color and intense fruity nose reminiscent of strawberry, raspberry, violet and herbs. Aromatic notes of red apple and black currant are felt on the palate. Good moderate acidity and juicy long ..

13.00€ 12.60€
Ex Tax: 10.16€
Palivos Vissinokipos 2019
RP '14

Palivos Vissinokipos 2019

Deep crimson color, with strong candy aromas that bring in mind ripe summer fruits scents such as those of cherry, plum and yellow peach. Robust, tannic mouth feel, with an extremely refreshing acidit..

10.20€ 9.90€
Ex Tax: 7.98€
La Tour Melas Idylle d' Achinos 2019 Magnum
D '14

La Tour Melas Idylle d' Achinos 2019 Magnum

From 100-year-old vineyard, the Rosé Idylle has a bright and soft rose color that captures the look and reminds of the rosé wines of Provence. In the nose it impresses with a refined fragrant composit..

37.20€ 32.70€
Ex Tax: 26.37€

Vourvoukeli Avdiros Rosé 2019

Vivid rose color, rich aromas of strawberry and cherry jam, wonderfully cool flavor, with nuances of blackcurrant, in a well-structured ensemble with a long aftertaste and a soft sense of sweetness...

10.20€ 9.90€
Ex Tax: 7.98€
Skouras Peplo 2019
RP '19
JR '17

Skouras Peplo 2019

Shiny and fine color, the ultimate coral with red gold shades. In the nose you find red fruits, cherry, strawberry, a trail of lemon, citrus, grapefruit, white flowers, honey, a hint of violet and a t..

16.90€ 16.40€
Ex Tax: 13.23€

Manousakis Nostos Pink 2019

Bright pink colour with fresh, peppery flavor, beautiful acidity, vibrancy and durability. Beides the high alcohol and subtle, but quite substantial for a rosé wine, tannins, we understand that this r..

Ex Tax: 9.27€
Tsililis Askitikos Rosé 2019 -15%

Tsililis Askitikos Rosé 2019

Glowing soft rose color and a bouquet of juicy red fruits, such as strawberries, berries and cherries, uniquely framed by floral aromas of rose and jasmine and citrus notes, like peach. The mouth is d..

6.70€ 5.69€
Ex Tax: 4.59€

Chrisostomou Mousaios Rosé 2019

Chrisostomou winery excels at blending local varieties, in the perfect terroir, using the knowledge of the generations before them. Here, the varieties Xinomavro and Limniona, same as the Red Mousaios..

Ex Tax: 9.03€
La Tour Melas Nautilus Drink Pink 2019 Out Of Stock

La Tour Melas Nautilus Drink Pink 2019

The value for money addition to the Provence rosés, from the La Tour Melas winery. A charming and delightful wine label that urges us to drink rose wines anytime in the day. Blend of Grenache, Syrah a..

Ex Tax: 5.89€

Muses Estate 9 Rosé 2019

Attractive ruby ​​color, complex & charming nose, starring aromas of candied red fruits like ripe cherries and blackberries, sweet cherries and hints of rose. Well-structured mouthsense, with long spi..

7.30€ 7.10€
Ex Tax: 5.73€

Dougos XS Rosé 2019

A cool, favorite and easy-to-drink wine for all occasions. It has dark pink color and intense aromas of fresh strawberry and rose. The mouth is light and pleasant with good concentration...

9.40€ 9.20€
Ex Tax: 7.42€

Limnos Organic Wines Rodon 2019

Orange color with peach tones, mild aromatic character composed, mainly, of red fruits and caramel scents. A sweet sensation is well distinguished in the beginning, in a light, cool and honeyed mouth...

9.30€ 8.80€
Ex Tax: 7.10€