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Methea Rosé by Vriniotis Winery is an excellent value-for-money wine, from the unique blend of the Monemvasia and Mavrokoundoura varieties. The color is soft and pink. The floral aromas dominate the nose, with the white-flesh fruits following and hints of orange blossoms complementing its character...
6.60€ 6.70€
Ex Tax:5.32€
Palivos Vissinokipos 2020
RP '14
Deep crimson color, with strong candy aromas that bring in mind ripe summer fruits scents such as those of cherry, plum and yellow peach. Robust, tannic mouth feel, with an extremely refreshing acidity...
9.90€ 10.20€
Ex Tax:7.98€
Skouras Peplo 2020
RP '19
JR '17
Shiny and fine color, the ultimate coral with red gold shades. In the nose you find red fruits, cherry, strawberry, a trail of lemon, citrus, grapefruit, white flowers, honey, a hint of violet and a touch of minerality. The mouth is full of nerve and acidity, greasy, cool, complex, multilayered (aca..
16.40€ 16.90€
Ex Tax:13.23€
A cool, favorite and easy-to-drink wine for all occasions. It has dark pink color and intense aromas of fresh strawberry and rose. The mouth is light and pleasant with good concentration...
9.20€ 9.40€
Ex Tax:7.42€
On the face we have a soft salmon color. The palate is dry and fruity, with many small red fruits appearing, balanced by high acidity, with a wonderful feeling of freshness and lasting aftertaste...
14.60€ 14.90€
Ex Tax:11.77€
The new release of Christos Zafeirakis is Prologue, a sparkling rosé wine that is made with the traditional method and is a blend of the Limniona and Assyrtiko varieties, in a ratio of 50% -50%.Light, soft pink color with good foaming in the glass. In the nose we find a combination of red and citrus..
16.80€ 17.40€
Ex Tax:13.55€
Orange-rosy color with caramel aromas of cherry and strawberry. Delicious, leaving sweetness and refreshing acidity in mouth...
8.50€ 8.90€
Ex Tax:6.85€
On the face we have a soft salmon color. It is characterized by aromas of flowers, red fruits, with citrus notes following. On the palate it is of moderate body, semi-dry, with lively acidity and pleasant aftertaste...
6.90€ 7.10€
Ex Tax:5.56€
Vivid pink color with violet hues and striking nose of fresh red fruits aromas like strawberry, cherry and spices. Mouth robust and generous, with a giving raciness acidity...
11.30€ 11.80€
Ex Tax:9.11€
Oreivatis (The Mountaineer) by Akriotou winery is a semi-dry rosé from 100% Syrah, which as soon as you taste it will make you look for it again. In the glass we have a bright, soft salmon color. The nose is elegant with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate and quince to star, with rose and ..
9.60€ 9.90€
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This rosé wine produced by Cabernet Franc and Malagousia, is distinguished by the pronounced aromas of strawberry and forest fruits.The palette is fruity and sharp, with intense aromas of raspberry and mango and a a hint of vegetation, giving this wine balance and a long aftertaste...
10.90€ 12.00€
Ex Tax:8.79€
In the glass we have a soft salmon color. On the nose we find pleasant aromas of red fruits, citrus fruits, nuts, with notes of flowers to follow. The palate has a moderate body, crisp acidity and a good aftertaste...
Ex Tax:5.89€
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