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Unique Greek varietal wines of international varieties. Dominant varieties in this category are the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot and the Syrah, but you will also find remarkable options for Nebbiolo, Touriga National, Malbec and even Mencia or Negro Amaro.
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Domaine Costa Lazaridi Syrah 2010 Out Of Stock

Domaine Costa Lazaridi Syrah 2010

Intense deep red color with violet hues, and nose with a touch of alcohol and rich sweet and spicy flavors coming from black cherry, licorice, leather, tobacco, bitter almonds, violet and sweet spices..

16.60€ 16.00€Ex Tax: 12.90€

Idisma Drios Syrah 2009

Almost solid red color with the touch of violet sheens, aromas of chocolate, spices, wood and earth tones complemented by aromas of olive, cherry and quince paste. Well-structured full-bodied, fine ta..

14.80€ 14.00€Ex Tax: 11.29€

Terra Leone Merlot

Dense ruby color and compact aromas of cherry, black berry, vanilla, leather and hints of nutmeg. Tight mouthsense with good structure that enters sweet, and has fond but rich tannins and nice acidity..

19.80€ 19.10€Ex Tax: 15.40€

Avlotopi 2011

Cherry color, intense and dense nose with aromas of herbs and red fruits, such as cherry and sour cherry, surrounded by vanilla scents. Nice mouth-feel, greasy, with impressive tannins enhanced by dis..

19.60€Ex Tax: 15.81€

Ek dryos Out Of Stock

Ek dryos

Rich crimson color. Complex, expressive nose with aromas of ripe fruit and hints of spice. Very good body with powerful tannins. Rich mouthsense, with aftertaste that evolves over time.  ..

12.60€Ex Tax: 10.16€

Château Harlaftis Magnum 2007 Out Of Stock

Château Harlaftis Magnum 2007

Medium density, red color with brick red hues. Medium intensity aromas where tomato, olives, jams, bitter almonds and smoked notes single out. Light and well-structured mouth feel with a characteristi..

40.10€ 38.80€Ex Tax: 31.29€


Peppery wine with deep red color and purple hues. Fresh fruity aromas and alcohol at the nose, plum, sweet cherry, laurel and hints of tobacco & cask. Sweet and warm mouthsense, with soft ..

11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€

Kitos Cabernet

Deep crimson color and nose that fragrants currant, ink, honey, and fruit in alcohol. Youthful mouthsense, filled with rich tannins, acidity and nice sense of delicate barrel. Fresh and  fruity a..

14.60€Ex Tax: 11.77€

Kitos Shiraz

Compact plum color and masculine nose with notes of cherry and violet, leather, roasted coffee beans, and chocolate match. A wine that can be long aged, with exuberant mouthsense and robust tanni..

16.60€Ex Tax: 13.39€

Kitos Touriga Nacional

Dark bordeaux red color and nose full of tomatoes and plums, currants and quince, spices, pine needles and ink. Very tasty, peppery flavor, with pretty good volume, generous tannins, and nuts-sensed a..

18.70€Ex Tax: 15.08€

Meth Ymon Syrah 2008 Out Of Stock

Meth Ymon Syrah 2008

Impervious red color, almost black, and deep aromas of wild red fruits, thyme & pepper, ink & truffle as well as hints of leather and tobacco. A robust and complex wine, with generous tannins ..

18.50€ 18.00€Ex Tax: 14.52€

Melangas Dryos Out Of Stock

Melangas Dryos

Solid ruby color and masculine aromas of red fruit jams, spices, leather, smoke and caramel. Spicy mouthsense, full of tannins, which will soften over time.  A wine with extended aging capabil..

24.00€Ex Tax: 19.35€

Christos Kokkalis Syrah 2008

Dark purple color, moderate and complex aromas of ripe plum, violet, pepper, vanilla, bay leaves and animal allusions. Exuberant mouthsense with volume, generous tannins, intense feeling of wood and f..

34.70€ 33.00€Ex Tax: 26.61€

Papaioannou Petit Verdot 2005

Dense ruby color and delicate aromas of ripe fruit as plum & cherries, traces of chocolate & coffee and notes of tobacco & ginger.  Wonderfully concentrated and well-structured w..

28.60€ 28.00€Ex Tax: 22.58€

Papaioannou Cava

Vibrant red color with black highlights. Soft and fruity aromas, with sweet notes of cinnamon, liquorice, black currant and mocha. Tender mouthsense with melted tannins and lively acidity. Delicious s..

11.80€ 11.50€Ex Tax: 9.27€

Syrah Evharis 2006 Out Of Stock

Syrah Evharis 2006

Solid red color and complex bouquet, where we distinguish pepper, red fruit jams, tomato, dried herbs and animal notes. Rich mouthsense, elegant, with the aromas of the nose being distinct, with li..

16.40€ 14.90€Ex Tax: 12.02€

Avlotopi 2010

Cherry color, intense and dense nose with aromas of herbs and red fruits, such as cherry and sour cherry, surrounded by vanilla scents. Nice mouth-feel, greasy, with impressive tannins enhanced by dis..

20.10€Ex Tax: 16.21€

Avlotopi Magnum 2012

Cherry color, intense and dense nose with aromas of herbs and red fruits, such as cherry and sour cherry, surrounded by vanilla scents. Nice mouth-feel, greasy, with impressive tannins enhanced by dis..

43.80€ 42.70€Ex Tax: 34.44€

Escapades Pinotage 2013

Deep red color with soft violet hues. Complex aromas, composed of notes of gooseberry and raspberry leaf tea, ink, spices and elegant animal cues. Generous and elegant  mouthsense, full of f..

23.40€ 23.10€Ex Tax: 18.63€

Paleos Ampelos Syrah Out Of Stock

Paleos Ampelos Syrah

Deep ruby color with violet tints. In the nose, it is complex and dense with aromas of black wild fruits (black forest), notes of vanilla, tobacco and butterscotch. Rich and round mouth-feel with a ve..

16.70€Ex Tax: 13.47€

Tetramythos Cabernet Sauvignon Out Of Stock

Tetramythos Cabernet Sauvignon

Black-red color and dense aromas of plum, violet and vanilla. Mouth sense with a very good volume, finesse, but also sharp tannins that are evolving. Delicious, long lasting and fruity aftertaste. ..

13.30€Ex Tax: 10.73€

Logothetis Syrah Out Of Stock

Logothetis Syrah

Dark red color and nose with a complex bouquet of sweet red fruits, leather, pepper, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla and ink. Rich mouth with good structure and still sharp tannins that impart astringe..

12.40€ 11.80€Ex Tax: 9.52€

Katogi Metsovou Epeteiako Out Of Stock

Katogi Metsovou Epeteiako

Deep burgundy color, with ripe aromas of red fruit, nuts and coffee, vanilla and black pepper. Generous and exuberant mouth, with sharp acidity and tannins that are partially softened. Long-lasting af..

20.80€ 20.00€Ex Tax: 16.13€

Golden Lion Red Out Of Stock

Golden Lion Red

Thick purple color, and a composition of peppers and allspice, chocolate and coffee aromas, but also concentrated cherry and plum jam tones. Well structured and velvety tannins that give volume and ex..

8.10€Ex Tax: 6.53€

Annys Animus Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Out Of Stock

Annys Animus Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Clear, deep, dark cherry color. Exuberant nose filled with odors of red fruits, green pepper and pepper. There is a wonderful balance between freshness and maturity. It has a rich full-bodied mouth wi..

26.40€Ex Tax: 21.29€

Estate Dio Filoi Pinot Noir 2011 -20% Out Of Stock

Estate Dio Filoi Pinot Noir 2011

Dark red color with clear, violet hues, a quiet aromatic character with hints of dried black fruit, marmelade, nuts and spices. Moderate acidity and volume in the mouth, with soft tannins at the begin..

20.60€ 16.50€Ex Tax: 13.31€

Gentilini Syrah Limited 2008 Out Of Stock

Gentilini Syrah Limited 2008

Solid red and dense aromas of red fruits, ink, vanilla and pepper. Mouth-feel of intense tannin presence that needs the touch of time to take off. Long aftertaste, tannic and fruity. ..

19.80€ 18.90€Ex Tax: 15.24€

Palaiomenos Reserve

Dark red, with faint red brick hues, barrel fresh red fruits aromas, with the scents of blackberry, cherry and forest fruits to dominate. Mouth rustic, medium density, with well integrated tannins ..

11.80€ 11.40€Ex Tax: 9.19€