Greek Variety

Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne, Avgoustiatis, Liatiko, Limnio and more Greek varieties which make excellent wines that cause both the domestic and international interest. One can certainly distinguish the wine PDO zones (Protected Designation of Origin) of Naoussa (Xinomavro) and Nemea (Agiorgitiko), yet many more Greek varieties emerge.
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Lafazanis Epicus 2018

A well made fresh Agiorgitiko for everyday but not only that. Impressive aromas, with all the good of Agiorgitiko variety: plums, meat, vanilla, sweet spices and ink in a botanical background. Mouthfe..

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Zafeirakis Limniona 2017
RP '13
D '13

Zafeirakis Limniona 2017

Deep red color, complex nose with aromas of blackcurrant, sour cherry, strawberry jam, licorice, violet, with hints of white pepper and spice. Mouth of moderate volume, strong acidity and fruity after..

19.80€ 19.20€
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Chatzivaritis Negogka Carbonic 2018
D '13
Silver (90)
Out Of Stock

Chatzivaritis Negogka Carbonic 2018

Chloe Chatzivariti is a talented new winemaker on the rise, experimenting at her family winery towards the direction of natural wines. She has just released a new, charming and perfect-for-summer Nego..

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Lyrarakis Kotsifali 2018
RP '13
JR '16
D '14

Lyrarakis Kotsifali 2018

Classic red color with aromas of spices and red fruits. Soft mouthfeel with spicy aftertaste...

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Petrakopoulos Mov 2017

From 60-year-old pre-phylloxera vines, in the area of ​​Soularoi, Paliki, a dry Mavrodaphne of excellent concentration is produced, placing the variety on the top. The extraction of 30 days without us..

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Athanasiou Agiorgitiko 2018 -9%

Athanasiou Agiorgitiko 2018

 The Athanasiou winery is one of the emerging names of the Nemea landscape, giving emphasis on organic farming and excellent quality of fruit. Their Agiorgitiko is fruity and charming, whilst also exc..

8.10€ 7.40€
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Tetramythos Mavro Kalavrytino Naturε 2018

Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.It comes from 30 years old vineyards formed in a cup at 850 meters altitude. Natural vinification and agin..

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Mitravelas Red in Black 2018
RP '14
D '16
Silver (90)

Mitravelas Red in Black 2018

A fresh, dark red wine that without the barrel influence, is characterized by delicate notes of spices and fresh shades of cherry jam and cherry. Medium density mouthfeel, round and youthful, with sof..

8.60€ 8.30€
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Diamantakis Petali 2017

Liatiko makes a statement for Greek wine, combining ripeness with solid tannic structure and a wonderful aromatic bouquet. Diamantakis winery in Asites of Heraklion produces one of the best wines whic..

9.80€ 9.50€
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Sant'Or Agiorgitiko 2016

Agiorgitiko from organic and dry vineyards on slopes of hills in the Peloponnese, which is "gently" vinified by Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, giving one of the top value Greek Agiorgitikos. Dark red color..

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La Tour Melas Palies Rizes 2017 Out Of Stock

La Tour Melas Palies Rizes 2017

An almost rare wine that comes in a limited number of bottles. And despite the fact that it comes from Agiorgitiko grapes, this wine varies, having a French style. Its quite young vintage makes it any..

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Ktima Biblia Chora Areti Red 2011
RP '10
D '10
Silver (91)

Ktima Biblia Chora Areti Red 2011

Deep purple color. Rich cherry aroma with notes of vanilla cedar and spices. Mouth exuberant with good and pleasant tannins. Long-lasting aftertaste where perfumes make their appearance. A very succes..

16.70€ 16.60€
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T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano 2017
JR '14

T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano 2017

Dark red almost solid color, in a wine with complex aromas. Chocolate and red forest fruits, get married with touches of smoke, roasted coffee beans and ink. Velvety and creamy mouth sense, with well-..

93.20€ 89.50€
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Douloufakis Dafnios Red 2017
RP '15
JR '15
D '15
Silver (90)

Douloufakis Dafnios Red 2017

Cerise medium density color, with aromas of spices, ripe red fruit, violet and cues from ink. Soft mouth with a good enough balance and a velvety, fruity aftertaste...

8.90€ 8.30€
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Chrisohoou Naousa 2017
RP '17

Chrisohoou Naousa 2017

Chrisohoou is one of the most well established estates in the region of Naoussa. For years now it represents the unique terroir of the region and the well-known variety of Xinomavro. This Naoussa is b..

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Volacus Rosaki 2018 Out Of Stock

Volacus Rosaki 2018

Investing and discovering more on local varieties of Tinos was the main goal of producer Michalis Kontizas, when he bought a piece of land in Falatados, scattered with huge, imposing granitic rocks (i..

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Sant'Or Agiorgitiko Natural 2018

Deep red colour, cherry, sour cherry and liquorice bouquet. Rich mouthfeel with velvety tannins and a long aftertaste. Classic red vinification. Aged in old oak barrels. Organic rainfed vineyards at t..

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Dryopi Reserve 2015
RP '14

Dryopi Reserve 2015

Purple color, and nose with distinctive sweet cherry, chocolate, black cherry and violet aromas, while also prevail spices and tobacco. Fruit and wood in the mouth with soft and juicy tannins. It is w..

17.40€ 16.70€
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Ktima Vogiatzi Tsapournakos 2017
RP '12

Ktima Vogiatzi Tsapournakos 2017

Dark crimson color, medium intensity nose with sour cherry mature evolving, giving way to flavors of tomato, pepper, barrel, vanilla and wood, with some herbal hints. Delicious mouth well structured a..

18.00€ 17.50€
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Sigalas Mavrotragano 2017
RP '13

Sigalas Mavrotragano 2017

Solid red color with complex aromatic bouquet with red fruit jam, tobacco, wild herbs, herbs and pungent spices coming out. Well-structured and very good body, excellent tannins that show how the futu..

46.50€ 44.60€
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Papagiannakopoulos Ypsilon Agiorgitiko 2018 -12%

Papagiannakopoulos Ypsilon Agiorgitiko 2018

The multidimensional Agiorgitiko of Nemea is vinified in a unique way, in order to give a different expression to the variety. A fresh, aromatic, dry red wine that can be enjoyed slightly chilled at a..

9.30€ 8.20€
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Tselepos Dryopi Nemea 2017

Young red color, with a nose full of fresh red fruit aromas, perfectly entangled with nuts, nutmeg and pepper. Mouth soft and creamy, with a juicy finish...

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Tsigello 2018

Since the legislation does not allow the 'Mavrodaphne' variety to be indicated on the label when the wine is dry, the producers are choosing relative names. Here we have the word "Tsigello", which is ..

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Earth and Sky 2017
RP '13
JR '14

Earth and Sky 2017

It has a dark red color, with orange highlights. The classic aromas of the variety are distinguished, with the tomato and forest fruits starring and wood, spices and vanilla in the backround. It has a..

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Papaioannou Agiorgitiko 2018
RP '10

Papaioannou Agiorgitiko 2018

Bright red color with violet hues and fruity nose, with no major tensions, starring spices especially pepper and all spice, in a background of fresh red fruit, with touches of ink. Velvety mouthsense,..

7.50€ 7.20€
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Rossiu di munte Vlachiko 2016

A rustic, special wine with dense red color and generous nose with aromas of ripe red fruit and aromatic herbs like mint, spice, pepper and vanilla. It is quite greasy, with smooth flavor that reminds..

27.30€ 26.90€
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Methea Red 2018
RP '16

Methea Red 2018

Transparent cherry color and nose with muscat aromas, reminiscent of a sweet wine. Spices, candied fruits and jams, flavor the palate. Light, soft and mild tonnes mouthfeel...

6.10€ 5.40€
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Naoussa Alta 2016

It is truly admirable how Thymiopoulos manages to give his Naoussa such precise balance, delicacy and fruit maturity. This wine has a cool climate character and despite the fact that it is light, it h..

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