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Single variety wines are wines made by only a single grape variety. Here you will find typical Greek wine varieties such Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne, Avgoustiatis, Mavrotragano, etc., but also international varieties that deserve your choice. In case you are wondering "why try a Cabernet Sauvignon from Greece?", the answer is that it may be a fine wine with characteristics of the Greek terroir.
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Papargyriou Don Giovanni 2017 New

Papargyriou Don Giovanni 2017

Clear and bright red color, and string aromas of oak, smoke, fresh aromatic herbs and spices, framed by hints of dried fruit and nuts. Android mouthsense, round and with rich tannins and acidity that ..

18.00€ 17.30€
Ex Tax: 13.95€
Zoinos Winery Vlahiko 2017 New

Zoinos Winery Vlahiko 2017

Bright ruby. Seductive nose full of red fruits, such as strawberry, sour cherry and dried plum. Full body with velvety tannins and high acidity, complemented by pepper and bitter chocolate flavors...

16.10€ 15.70€
Ex Tax: 12.66€
Athanasiou Thronos Red 2019 New

Athanasiou Thronos Red 2019

 The Athanasiou winery is one of the emerging names of the Nemea landscape, giving emphasis on organic farming and excellent quality of fruit. Their Agiorgitiko is fruity and charming, whilst also exc..

8.20€ 8.00€
Ex Tax: 6.45€
Ktima Biblia Chora Ovilos Red 2016
RP '08
D '09

Ktima Biblia Chora Ovilos Red 2016

Deep purple color, complex aromatic bouquet consistinf of mature tones of red fruits, milk caramel, cedar, chocolate, cocoa, spices and nuts. Exuberant and intense flavor in a full body mouth feel, we..

31.00€ 29.80€
Ex Tax: 24.03€

Theodorakakos Mavroudi 2015

Dark cherry color and nose composed of a ripe bouquet of plum jam, quince paste, cocoa, chestnut and butter. Well-structured mouth, with tannins and strong personality...

10.20€ 9.80€
Ex Tax: 7.90€

Estate Muses Chrisolithos Red 2018

 Red Chrisolithos by Muses Estate is a single vineyard Merlot, velvety and full of complexity and fruit. It gets aged in small oak barrels, absorving the best aromatic elements, without them covering ..

10.40€ 10.30€
Ex Tax: 8.31€
Katogi Averoff Rossiu di munte Giniets 2014
RP '09

Katogi Averoff Rossiu di munte Giniets 2014

Dark colour with purple reflections. The typical aromas of the variety are dominant and ideally combined with notes of barrel. The mouth sense is filled with many and rich tannins and structure that p..

24.80€ 23.90€
Ex Tax: 19.27€
Estate Papaioannou 2016
JR '10

Estate Papaioannou 2016

Purple in color and aromas of ripe red fruits on the nose, with hints of vanilla, tobacco and animal skin. Mouth with tannins offering body and character to this wine and a raciness giving acidity. Pe..

10.20€ 9.90€
Ex Tax: 7.98€
Gerovassiliou Syrah 2016
RP '11
D '13
Bronze (88)

Gerovassiliou Syrah 2016

Vibrant, dark red color with sweet aromas of raisin, overripe fig, chocolate and plum, while it whole rests on a spicy pepper layer. Nice flavor, delicious and peppery. Soft, round mouthsense with vel..

19.20€ 19.00€
Ex Tax: 15.32€

Zafeirakis Limniona New Age 2018

Christos Zafeirakis' name is now a synonyme for the Limniona variety, as he is responsible for its revival. Classic Limniona is the one that laid the groundwork for many wines on the Greek market, com..

14.30€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€

Tetramythos Mavro Kalavrytino Naturε 2019

Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.It comes from 30 years old vineyards formed in a cup at 850 meters altitude. Natural vinification and agin..

11.20€ 10.90€
Ex Tax: 8.79€

Syros Winery Fabrica Red 2018

A light and fresh wine, with soft aromas of cherry, vanilla and tomato. Mouth of moderate volume, with soft tannins and refreshing acidity...

Ex Tax: 8.79€
Parparoussis Epilegmenos Oinos 2014
RP '12

Parparoussis Epilegmenos Oinos 2014

Bright red color with faded terracotta hues.  Intense and dense aromas of chocolate, hints of cocoa, coffee, roasted bread, cherry and plum. Elegant mouthsense, rich and soft at the same time, with it..

23.70€ 22.90€
Ex Tax: 18.47€
Costa Lazaridi Amethystos Cava 2017
RP '15

Costa Lazaridi Amethystos Cava 2017

A wine with Michael Rolland signature that the estate has a collaboration the last years. Deep ruby red color, with a nose of pepper and spices aromas, cherry jam and chocolate. Soft and easy to drink..

26.00€ 25.18€
Ex Tax: 20.30€

Markogianni Triton 2018

 Giannis and Antonia Christopoulou created the Markogianni estate as a tribute to their grandparents, who have been cultivating vines since 1982 in the area of Ancient Olympia and they have been ..

14.90€ 14.30€
Ex Tax: 11.53€

Markogianni Diagon 2018

Vertzami is a blessed variety, with extremely deep color which almost resembles black wines after a few days of extraction. Nose with dominating eucalyptus, violet and primrose notes, emphasized by bl..

18.60€ 17.90€
Ex Tax: 14.44€
Estate Papaioannou Old Vines 2015
JR '10

Estate Papaioannou Old Vines 2015

Purple in color and aromas of ripe red fruits on the nose, with hints of vanilla, tobacco and animal skin. Mouth with tannins offering body and character to this wine and a raciness giving acidity. Pe..

17.10€ 16.50€
Ex Tax: 13.31€
Dougos Mavrotragano 2017
JR '16

Dougos Mavrotragano 2017

The region and the variety: From a small vineyard in Kontariotissa, Pieria with poor sandy soils and at an altitude of 350 meters, just below the monastery of Osios Efraim. 100% Mavrotragano, a variet..

52.10€ 50.90€
Ex Tax: 41.05€
Boutari Naoussa 2017
RP '14

Boutari Naoussa 2017

Translucent ruby color and nose dominated by smoky notes, hints of tomato, olive and ripe red fruit. Medium volume and juicy mouthsense,  with lively tannins and barrel feeling in the aftertaste...

9.00€ 8.70€
Ex Tax: 7.02€
Estate Alpha Xinomavro Skantzoxoiros (Hedgehog) 2017
RP '16
JR '16
D '14
Silver (90)

Estate Alpha Xinomavro Skantzoxoiros (Hedgehog) 2017

Deep ruby ​​red color with red brick hues. Masculine aromas which bring in mind memories of cherry and raspberry jam, tomato paste, meat and pepper scents. Medium-bodied mouth feel, nice soft tannins ..

15.10€ 14.80€
Ex Tax: 11.94€

Gaia Monograph Agiorgitiko 2019

With the Monograph series, Gaia Estate brings noble varieties closer to the consumer. In Monograph Agiorgitiko, grapes come from low-yielding vineyards, which surround the Nemea area at an altitude of..

5.30€ 5.20€
Ex Tax: 4.19€

Argatia Xinomavro 2015

Deep color wine with intense fruity aromas (cherries, small red fruits) that interlock with those of jam, tomato paste, olives, tobacco and spice notes. Body filled with very good structure and intens..

Ex Tax: 8.71€

The Knack Mouchtaro 2017

Christos Koulouriotis DipWSET created The Knack Project to apply his knowledge on wine, acquired at WSET, along with his interest in organic farming and natural wines. Mouchtaro is his red label, from..

29.30€ 28.40€
Ex Tax: 22.90€

Troupis Fteri Red 2018

Dark red color, intense fruity nose character with raspberry, cherry, wild cherry and spice aromas in a complex bouquet. Rich mouthfeel with velvety tannins and medium length aftertaste...

7.20€ 7.00€
Ex Tax: 5.65€
Tatsis Negoska 2014 Out Of Stock

Tatsis Negoska 2014

Negoska, Xinomavro's alter ego, shares many aspects of its character but the expression of the fruit is more intense and comes in darker shades. The mouth is also fuller. A "beast" with an angel'..

14.90€ 14.50€
Ex Tax: 11.69€
Santo Wines Mavrotragano 2018
RP '15

Santo Wines Mavrotragano 2018

A deep red wine with complex, spicy nose combining aromas of ripe black fruit with black pepper, juniper berries, and ink, vanilla and oak. Concentrated mouthsense, full, with a good structure and ric..

29.80€ 28.50€
Ex Tax: 22.98€

Markogianni Red 2016

Special aromatic character of red and black fruits, spices and mint create this remarkable and complex wine. Full mouth, with aromas of red and black fruits, with crispy acidity and round tannins...

12.00€ 11.50€
Ex Tax: 9.27€

Kaniaris Dreamcatcher Merlot 2017

Everyday, easy-to-drink wine with a deep purple color, aromas of blackberries, on a background of vanilla and coffee beans. Soft and buttery mouthfeel with round tannins, fresh acidity and a juicy, fr..

5.90€ 5.70€
Ex Tax: 4.60€