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Panseloinos Red 2012 Out Of Stock

Panseloinos Red 2012

Concentrated bordeaux color with fleshy red fruit aromas, scents of spices and oak wood, mouth full, velvety, with a lively presence of barrel. Tasty and lingering aftertaste. ..

10.10€ 9.60€Ex Tax: 7.74€

Isari Red Out Of Stock

Isari Red

 An interesting version captures the classic character of this popular blend. Dark red vibrant color and nose that unfolds gradually, whipping shades of black olive and tobacco, pepp..

8.30€Ex Tax: 6.69€

Isari Red Oak

The classic blend of two French varieties matures, in this version, for 14 months in French oak barrels, acquiring a complex aromatic bouquet with nuances of black olives and tobacco, dried fruit, cho..

9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Estate Evharis Red 2009

Bright red color, with complex and deep aromas of red fruit, spice, chocolate, tobacco and spices. Soft, well-made tannins, medium bodied with round structure and spicy aftertaste. ..

14.80€ 13.00€Ex Tax: 10.48€

The fourth dimension Red Out Of Stock

The fourth dimension Red

Deep purple color, complex aromatic bouquet, in a composition of black berries, caramel, cocoa, ripe tomato, green pepper and hints of thyme, vanilla and spice accents.  Dense mouthsense, spic..

18.60€ 18.00€Ex Tax: 14.52€


Vibrant red color with highlights in the shade of pink. Sweet aromas comprising red fruit, violet and primrose. Dense and round mouthsense, with distinctive tannins but without aggression, giving a go..

18.40€ 17.60€Ex Tax: 14.19€

Idipnoos Selection 2007

Solid color shading, and nose full of mature and masculine scents of ripe red fruits such as cherry and plum, with shades of paprika, pepper and vanilla, and mild hints of violet and cloves. Mouth ..

11.70€ 11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€

Antis Oneirou

Deep purple color, with complex aromas of fruit and spice on the nose, where ripe cherries, dried prunes, apple puree, ginger and lemmon grass are distinguished. Good volume, balanced and elegant m..

10.90€ 10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€

300 Red 2005 Out Of Stock

300 Red 2005

Deep red color, in a wine with a charming, spicy and salty perfume, where notes of pepper, ham and porcini mushrooms are distinguished, on a background of mature red fruits. Mouth with volume, robust ..

24.80€ 21.10€Ex Tax: 17.02€

Vassiliou Red 2009

Deep red color with ruby highlights. Intense aromas of small forest fruits and cherry with earthy overtones. Exuberant and velvety mouth-sense with moderate intensity tannins. Long-lasting aftertaste...

11.20€ 8.70€Ex Tax: 7.02€

Idaia Ghi Kotsifali Mandilari 2012

Bright red with red-terracotta hues. Nose with emphasis on vanilla and cherry. Fruity mouth with presence of forest fruits and typical acidity. Soft, well structured tannins with nice cool aftertaste...

10.40€ 10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Profasi Red 2010 Out Of Stock

Profasi Red 2010

Solid burgundy color. Nose where the scent of violet stands out, but also aromas of ripe red fruit, with a hint of sweet-scented ginger, pepper, thyme and roasted meat. Mouth with a freshness sense, r..

10.90€ 10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€

Lagara Red Out Of Stock

Lagara Red

Deep Purple with rich and round body, well structured, with present tannins that offer a long durability. Long-lasting aftertaste with dense aroma of red fruits and spices. ..

11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€


This wine got its name from Olgano, a deified in ancient times River, springing today in the foothills of Vermion. Red shiny and bright. Aromas of xinomavro on the nose, namely red fruit, fresh woo..

12.20€ 11.80€Ex Tax: 9.52€


Dark red color with some terracotta highlights. Striking nose that at first reveals vegetativeness, but gradually reveals black olives, tobacco, leather, dried fruit, caramel, apple and spices. Ele..

15.70€ 15.30€Ex Tax: 12.34€

Rossiu di munte Syrah-Traminer 2009

Red compact, with a sense of purple hues. Fruity and floral aromatic charakter, with a subtle sense of wood and spices. Well-structured, with freshness and balance in taste, with a long lasting, fasci..

18.60€ 18.00€Ex Tax: 14.52€

Stergiou Red 2008 Out Of Stock

Stergiou Red 2008

Velvety ruby color, with a warm, masculine and aromatic bouquet, where we distinguish cues of pepper, vanilla, juniper berries and spice, but also traces of ripe black fruit and violet. Mouth with ..

12.80€Ex Tax: 10.32€

Deka (Ten) Red 2008

Dark red, almost impenetrable color. Bouquet of blackberry, pepper, myrtle, and dried tomatoes aromas. Mouth exuberant, spicy with leather and wood and rich tannins. Balanced acidity, lasting after..

23.40€ 22.10€Ex Tax: 17.82€

Alypos Oinos -40%

Alypos Oinos

Dark red color, with aromas of ripe plum, sour cherry jam and sweet rose. Full flavor, mouth with fairly good balance and sharp and persistent tannins. ..

13.60€ 8.18€Ex Tax: 6.60€


Dark sour cherry color, with complex aromas of ripe red fruits, spices, and oak as also notes of ink. Good volume in the mouth, balance and intensity into the aftertaste. ..

10.20€ 9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Estate Dio Filoi Red -20%

Estate Dio Filoi Red

Almost black color with a violet rim. Floral odors on the nose with a strong vegetable character, notes of olive, violet and lavender. Soft, smooth mouth feel with rough tannins and sharp acidity. ..

10.90€ 8.70€Ex Tax: 7.02€

Cava Drios Alepotripa 2004 Out Of Stock

Cava Drios Alepotripa 2004

Deep purple red color with violet hues. Complex, deep aromas, starring red berries, spices and the gracious touch of French oak wood. Robust and generous mouth feel, with richness and balance, sharp a..

16.10€ 15.60€Ex Tax: 12.58€

Claudia Papayianni Red 2008

Deep red color with ruby ​​highlights, tobacco, wood, leather and pepper on the nose, and caramel, plum and violet. Tannic, with good body, balanced, crispy, with good length of an aromatic finish. ..

12.60€Ex Tax: 10.16€