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Ocean Red 2011

Crimson dark color with violet hues. An interesting bouquet of aromas where notes of coffee, roasted nut, tobacco, ham and ink are distinguished and while they are evolving also ripe forest fruits aro..

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Enstikto Red 2010

Dark, solid color, and deep, complex nose of ripe red fruit, vanilla, licorice aromas and notes of ham. Velvety and exuberant tannins, dominating mouth feeland giving personality and character to the ..

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Zacharias Red 2008

Dense black color and a lively sensation of wood on a rich and warm nose with emphasis on aromatic herbs such as oregano and sage, sweet spices, cherry jam, sweet olive, chocolate and black pepper. Mo..

8.90€ 8.70€Ex Tax: 7.02€

Milia Red 2012

Dense black-red wine with a complex aromatic bouquet of ripe red fruits, vanilla, galbulus, butter and jams. Round mouth sense, with good structure, soft tannins and a peppery aftertaste. ..

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Thracia 2010

International Cabernet is vinified apart from Koniaros, and blended in different proportions every year, depending on the performance of the two varieties. Advanced aromas, with particular cues from c..

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Rhous Red 2012

Deep red color with ruby hues. The bouquet reveals the typical aromas of both varieties. Olives and pepper blend notes with fruit hints like cherry and Cassis. Barrel presence is revealed with notes o..

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Sirius Red 2012 Only 1 available

Sirius Red 2012

Sweet black fruit and soft hints of milk chocolate, vanilla and cloves in a botanical background. Fresh mouthsense, good structure and balance between the fine tannins and the expressive acidity. ..

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Ode 2010

Rich red color, generous flavors in a bouquet that is composed with notes of plum and pepper, hints of violet, vanilla and oak wood. Soft,balanced and full mouthsense. Easy to drink with a long, fr..

10.50€ 10.30€Ex Tax: 8.31€

Pyrorago 2011 Out Of Stock

Pyrorago 2011

An exuberant wine with deep bordeaux color and complex aromas. Red fruits and spices interspersed with hints of oak and smoke.  Mouthsense with aromatic maturity, unripe tannins, noticeable acidi..

14.90€ 14.00€Ex Tax: 11.29€

Avdiros Red 2010 Out Of Stock

Avdiros Red 2010

A spicy and lively red wine, with aromas of red fruit, spice, tobacco and ham. Mouth with vivid fruit, good volume and noticeable tannins, plus the time it developed well ..

11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Armonia Ghis Red 2013 -21% Out Of Stock

Armonia Ghis Red 2013

Soft cherry-red color, in an easy-to drink wine, with delicate aromas of strawberries and cherries, with hints of allspice and cloves. Mouth light and fruity, fresh and elegant. ..

5.80€ 4.60€Ex Tax: 3.71€

Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) Magnum 2012 Out Of Stock

Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) Magnum 2012

Dense black color and spicy aromas of pepper, cherry, plum, coffee, vanilla and honeyed notes at the nose.  Full, thick and well-structured mouthsense, intense tannins, with subtle and fruity aft..

52.10€ 50.30€Ex Tax: 40.56€

Kormilitsa Gold 2007

The Moscow Kremlin official wine is a super premium wine, which is the flagship wine of the winery, combining in an excellent way Cabernet Sauvignon with the local variety Limnio. Solid red color..

119.00€ 109.50€Ex Tax: 88.31€

NOHMA 2006-2007 Out Of Stock

NOHMA 2006-2007

A complex wine with a thoroughly studied long term barrel aging. The composition of the three dynamic varieties, gives a wine with dark ruby, almost impenetrable, color and concentrated mature nose, w..

59.40€Ex Tax: 47.90€

Labyrinth 1999-2013 (Solera)

Ruby concetrated color and a bouquet with intensity and duration. Fascinating aromas of small red fruits and black cherry jam, prunes, spicy hints of black pepper, nutmeg and tonka, but also delicate ..

87.00€ 84.40€Ex Tax: 68.06€

IAMA Red 2010 Out Of Stock

IAMA Red 2010

Dense ruby, almost opaque color, and nose characterized by violet and red fruits, while after some time spicy aromas of spices and dried herbs, grapes and meat are disclosed. Generous and rich mouthse..

9.90€ 9.60€Ex Tax: 7.74€

Moraitis Collection Red 2010

Purple color with reddish hues. Well formed complex bouquet of ripe fruit, prunes and cinnamon. Complex mouthfeel with fruity flavor, well-structured, full-bodied, velvety tannins and a long rich fini..

12.40€ 12.00€Ex Tax: 9.68€

Chrisohoou Black

Dark ruby color and complex nose with ripe black fruit, chocolate, coffee and hints of spices. Round mouthsense with intensity and noticeable tannins but well integrated. Aftertaste with berries sense..

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Lisgari Out Of Stock


The classic blend of Cabernet and Merlot, takes a special interest with the addition of Mouchtaro. This is a limited production wine, with concentrated black to red color and nose formed much from the..

15.50€ 15.00€Ex Tax: 12.10€

Gold Cuvee Red 2009

Dense plum color, in a wine with complex aromas of black cherry, plum and quince, but also touches of truffle, chestnuts and ham. Robust and generous mouth sense, with tannins of good quality. ..

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Tselepos Red 2011 Out Of Stock

Tselepos Red 2011

Dense red color and nose with complex aromatic bouquet full of ripe berries, plum, spice, vanilla and green pepper. Generous and rich mouthsense with acidity that gives brilliance, and delicious af..

11.50€ 11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€

Tesseris Poikilies Out Of Stock

Tesseris Poikilies

A fruity red wine that ages at the bottle (and not on barrels), with distinctive style and temperament. Nice, rich fruit aromas, in a background of spices, with elaborative, mature and wealthy mouthse..

7.60€Ex Tax: 6.13€

Megas Oinos Magnum 2011 Out Of Stock

Megas Oinos Magnum 2011

Deep red, attractive color, with an impressive aromatic palette where vanilla is starring, followed by cherry jam, red bilberries and juniper berries, with traces of chocolate, herbs, peppers and bake..

46.30€ 44.90€Ex Tax: 36.21€


A successful and charming blend of two red, popular varieties, giving a wine with solid red color and complex aromas of ripe red fruits and spices, with shades of tobacco and wood. Robust mouthsense w..

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The fourth dimension Red Out Of Stock

The fourth dimension Red

Deep purple color, complex aromatic bouquet, in a composition of black berries, caramel, cocoa, ripe tomato, green pepper and hints of thyme, vanilla and spice accents.  Dense mouthsense, spic..

18.60€ 18.00€Ex Tax: 14.52€


Vibrant red color with highlights in the shade of pink. Sweet aromas comprising red fruit, violet and primrose. Dense and round mouthsense, with distinctive tannins but without aggression, giving a go..

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Vassiliou Red 2009

Deep red color with ruby highlights. Intense aromas of small forest fruits and cherry with earthy overtones. Exuberant and velvety mouth-sense with moderate intensity tannins. Long-lasting aftertaste...

11.20€ 8.70€Ex Tax: 7.02€

Profasi Red 2010 Out Of Stock

Profasi Red 2010

Solid burgundy color. Nose where the scent of violet stands out, but also aromas of ripe red fruit, with a hint of sweet-scented ginger, pepper, thyme and roasted meat. Mouth with a freshness sense, r..

10.90€ 10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€