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Papargyriou Yli 35 Orange 2019

Papargyriou winery's orange wine comes from a very low acreage yield and is 100% Assyrtiko. The grapes come from a high altitude vineyard in Sofiana, Corinth. Harvesting is slow and fermentation takes..

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Methymneos Chidiriotiko Orange 2020
JR '16

Methymneos Chidiriotiko Orange 2020

Characteristic amber color, with medium intensity aromas, where particularly citrus scents such as citrus, bergamot and sweet orange stand out. With hints of lemon zest, butter, dried figs and caramel..

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Chatzivaritis Ni 2019 (MiNiMus Series)

Chloe Chatzivariti continues her experimentation with a more "natural approach", giving a new impetus to the native wine scene, with the MiNiMus series. Ni is a blend of Malagousia and Roditis (65%-35..

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Zoinos Debina Respect Orange 2019

Moderate, seductive amber color. In the nose, explosion of nuts, orange and cedar jam with hints of citrus and honey along with spice notes, that continue to make their presence felt and in the mouth,..

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Mega Spileo Orange 2016 -19%

Mega Spileo Orange 2016

Orange by Mega Spileo comes from Roditis and Malvazia grapes, from mountainous vineyards at an altitude of 800 to 900 meters. After the grapes are pressed, they are taken to new 400 liter oak barrels,..

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Sant'Or Santameriana Orange Amphora Aging 2019

In the historic village of Santameri, Achaia, Panagiotis Dimitropoulos from the upcoming Sant'Or winery cultivates the Santameriana variety, also known as Asprouda from Patras. The low yields, biodyna..

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Petrakopoulos Orange 2019

The most extreme wine of the winery, from Zakynthino variety, with skin contact by the excellent winemaker Kiki Siameli. Comes from pre-phylloxera vines planted in cup that produce concentrated fruit ..

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Markogianni Orange 2019

Golden-yellow color and a soft mouth, that create a bouquet of citrus, fresh fruits and lemon flower. Long and pleasant aftertaste...

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Anatolikos Vineyards Orange 2018

Anatolikos Vineyards, the brainchild of Nikolaidis brothers, brings a fresh breeze of air to the Greek wine scene and continues the long wine tradition of Thrace. Their philosophy is summarized in org..

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Tatsis Roditis Orange 2015

Probably the most unconventional and extreme Greek white wine that is "naturally" vinified. 30 days of skin contact give it its orange color and it then ripes in barrels for 12 months to be bottled un..

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