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Zacharias Vineyards release a wide range of products with more than 15 different labels. Despite the fact that Zacharias Vineyards – Oinotechniki ltd. is a rather new brand, it was only in 2002 that our first vintage was released, the history of both the family s winery and vineyards dates back many years. First of all, the winery of the company has a continuous productive operation since 1960. The winery was built in 3 major phases: its first facilities were established in 1960, then expanded and ompleted in 1973 with the finest French standards, introducing the main French expertise in Nemea. The winery acquired its current form in 2004. As a result of its rich history, our winery uniquely combines traditional elements, such as French type concrete tanks and state of the art technology, stainless steel Ganymede tanks, cross-flow filters, pneumatic presses, vinificators, refrigerators etc. The first vineyards of the Estate were located on the slopes around Leontio village, in the heart of Nemea . Nowadays, the vineyards extend over 400 acres and the varieties cultivated are 12. The cultivation is subject to the Integrated Viticultural Management System and adheres to standards of AGRO 2.1 and AGRO 2.2.

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White Squared 2014
RP '14
D '15

White Squared 2014

Deep golden color, particular nose expressed through aromas of citrus and green fruits such as lemon, apple, pear, grape with bread and vanilla notes. Mineral mouthfeel with noticeable acidity and a l..

8.70€ 6.90€Ex Tax: 5.56€

Sklava 2018

Sklava is one of the oldest white varieties, planted once with Agiorgitiko at the Peloponnese vineyards. Today is bottled by Zacharias Vineyards trying the last years for its revival. A wine in green-..

8.10€ 7.90€Ex Tax: 6.37€

Zacharias Lexis M 2016

Dense black color and a lively sensation of wood on a rich and warm nose with emphasis on aromatic herbs such as oregano and sage, sweet spices, cherry jam, sweet olive, chocolate and black pepper. Mo..

16.70€ 16.20€Ex Tax: 13.06€