Other names and clones: Lefkadiotiko, Vartzami, Varsami, Martzavi
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose, Semi-Sweet, Sweet
Categories: PGI

Description: Rich, deep red color, with concentrated fruit on the nose, and flavors reminiscent of spices such as juniper berries and herbs, such as eucalyptus, and even generous tannins, acidity and moderate volume. These are the peculiar wines produced from this rare, of Italian origin, variety which is grown mainly in Lefkada in very small areas and in other Ionian Islands, Etoloakarnania, the Preveza and Achaia. It produces wines that mature and develop well when kept in barrels.

Typical wine characteristics: Spicy and astringent
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Diagon 2017

Vertzami is a blessed variety, with extremely deep color which almost resembles black wines after a few days of extraction. Nose with dominating eucalyptus, violet and primrose notes, emphasized by bl..

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