Color: Reddish
Types of wines: White, Rose, Sparkling
Categories: PGI Achaia

Description: Sideritis is a rare variety, grown throughout the Peloponnese region and especially the prefecture of Achaia. It gives wines delicate and serious, with a small aromatic intensity and high acidity. Their typical characteristic is an intense golden color with reddish hues due to the reddish skin of the grape.

Typical wine characteristics: Delicate and acidic
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Deus White

Straw blonde color, lightly sparkling and delicious Muscat nose with hints of lychee, grape and spring flowers. Delicious and cute, with nice acidity and balance, intensely aromatic and youthful...

10.10€ 9.80€
Ex Tax: 7.90€

Distillate Palaiothen

Bright yellow color and mild intensity aromas, in a classy, round distillate round, with vanilla, wood, caramel and peach notes. Harmony in the mouth, balanced sweetness and spice aromas...

38.40€ 37.70€
Ex Tax: 30.40€

Adam Village Mountain Tea (Iron Wort) 20gram

The marvellous and delicious wild tea of the Greek mountains. Its properties have been known since antiquity, and there are references to it by the philosopher Theophrastus and the doctor Dioskourides..

Ex Tax: 2.42€

Iron S 2016

The Sideritis variety is a noble variety of Achaea, which now tends to disappear. Golden color, with delicate and soft perfumes of citrus tones such as bitter orange, bergamot and lemon blossoms. Also..

9.10€ 8.90€
Ex Tax: 7.18€

Parparoussi Petite Fleur 2019

Somon, delicate rose wine with delicate aromas of pear, tea and hints of cherry jam, smooth and balanced taste, delicious acidity and fruity aftertaste...

10.30€ 10.20€
Ex Tax: 8.23€