Color: White
Types of wines: White
Categories: Table wine

Description: Maybe the most typical German variety, that is also cultivated in the French Alsace, is quite prevalent in our country, known for its peculiar wines with the characteristics aromas of oil, which it gives when it is cultured under specific conditions, especially in her homeland. In Greece the Riesling variety gives balanced wines,with full-body and acidities, and also vivid aromas of yellow fruits.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic, mineral, with high acidity
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Stergiou Metamorphoses 2017

The Stergiou Estate cultivates 60 acres of privately-owned vineyards at the foot of mount Vitsi, using the latest technology in winemaking. Respecting the culture, tradition and place, they produce wi..

13.30€ 12.50€
Ex Tax: 10.08€

Rouvalis Lefko Lino 2018

Theodora Rouvalis, the second generation of the Rouvalis family winery, in collaboration with the oenologist Antoné Ruiz Pañego, is releasing new wines keeping the winery's signature quality and lasti..

14.30€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€