Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose
Categories: PGI

Description: Based on this variety, the famous Italian wines Barolo and Barbaresco are produced. Generally, this variety gives light red, tannic wines that exude aromas of tar and roses, when they are fresh. However the fine Nebbiolo's are created by aging, where the harsh tannins equilibrate and their exuberant aromas develop into notes of truffle, tobacco, plum, etc.

Typical wine characteristics: Tannic and spicy
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Nebbio 2012

Colour of moderate intensity, characteristic of the variety, with terracotta hues. Special aromas with notes of black olives, sundried tomatoes and cherry. The taste is characterized by the richness a..

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Papargyriou Don Giovanni 2017

Clear and bright red color, and string aromas of oak, smoke, fresh aromatic herbs and spices, framed by hints of dried fruit and nuts. Android mouthsense, round and with rich tannins and acidity that ..

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