Color: White
Types of wines: White
Categories: PDO Monemvasia

Description: One of the rare varieties of Laconia region, with trademark, the persistent aroma reminiscent of quince - and in which, in one aspect owes its Greek name. Kidonitsa is also grown in small areas in Argolida and the Cyclades regions. The few varietal wines produced by this variety, stand out for the complexity of their flavors, good acidity and roundness of flavor.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic and round
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Malvasia 2012 (malmsey)

Recommended by Rick Stein! An modern version of a wine popular since the Middle Ages often referred to as Malmsey (or Marmsie).   Caramel in colour with bright blonde sheens. ..

55.80€ 50.20€ Ex Tax: 40.48€

Giannopoulos Kidonitsa 2017 -7%

Giannopoulos Kidonitsa 2017

Pale yellow color with green hues. Charming aromas of peach, apricot, citrus peel and a sense of tropical fruit & white flowers. Round body with crisp acidity to refresh the quince taste, taking a..

7.50€ 7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.65€

300 White 2016

A generous and robust wine with delicate aromas of pineapple, litchi and citrus. Mouth feel with pretty good volume, which is full of nerve and intensity, and ends with a juicy, long finish with ci..

12.40€ 11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.27€

Theodorakakos Kydonitsa 2018

Straw bright color, mild aromas of yellow fruits and vanilla. Good sense body, well-balanced, aromatic, lemon-like mouth-feel with a medium-level acidity and a good finish. ..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 6.85€

Papagiannakopoulos Kidonitsa 2018

Panos Papayannakopoulos is a young, talented winemaker who aims to highlight the local varieties of the Peloponnese. With his Kidonitsa bottling he managed to provide both aroma and texture to a deman..

9.90€ 9.60€ Ex Tax: 7.74€

Monemvasia Winery Kydonitsa 2018

Yellow-gold color with greeninsh highlights, fine aroma of quince. Highly fruity aroma and discreet due to the local rare grape variety. Fresh, with rich body, nice acidity and lengthy after-taste. ..

11.30€ Ex Tax: 9.11€