Color: White
Types of wines: White
Categories: PGI

Description: It comes from Rethymnon, but the Vidiano variety is rooted at the territories of Heraklion. It seems to excel mainly in the region of Heraklion, giving, especially in the last 5 years, enviable wines with lively aromatic content, that refers to scents of apricot and saffron, fresh herbs and minerals. Among its many virtues, this variety gives creamy wines, with acidity, minerality, and also seems to have durability, gaining charm with the passage of the barrel.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic, rich, with good acidity
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Bright and vibrant light yellow color. Rich fruity aromas of fresh apricot and peach jam, with notes of lemon. The creamy mouthfeel with fruit flavors is perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness ..

7.30€ 7.20€
Ex Tax: 5.81€

Tsikoudia Zore Zalo 700ml

This is a top quality distillate (Tsikoudia) from Crete that encompasses special care at every step of its creation, like the certified organic grape marc cultivation, the pure distillation process, t..

Ex Tax: 37.66€

Tsikoudia Diem 500ml

Crystal clear, with delicate aromas of white fruit, banana, pear along with rose notes. Quite soft, balanced body, with a pleasant sweet finish. Accompany it with appetizers, cheeses, feta cheese (rus..

Ex Tax: 12.02€

Dafnios White 2018

Pretty intense golden color, "ripe" nose with fruit like apricot, orange, bergamot, lime blossom and jasmine. Pleasant mouthsense, full and round with a nice oily feel, good & crispy acidity and fruit..

Ex Tax: 6.05€

Diamantakis Vidiano 2018

Pale yellow color and impressive nose with hints of peach and saffron, banana, lemon leaves and pepper. Mouth creamy and tasty, with good acidity and aromatic aftertaste...

7.90€ 7.70€
Ex Tax: 6.21€

Idaia Vidiano 2018

Yellowish with decorating grayish hues. Muscat personality, aromas of "loukoumi" (Greek and Turkish delight), rosemary, rose, jasmine, lemon and quince. Moderate volume mouthsense and pretty good acid..

9.40€ 8.05€
Ex Tax: 6.49€

Manousakis Nostos Vidiano 2018

Clear light yellow color with greenish hues. Intense nose with aromas of citrus and stone fruits with mineral notes. Dry and light mouthfeel, crisp and refreshing acidity with mineral notes. Long fini..

Ex Tax: 9.19€

Kourtis Nyhta 2018

Wine of greenish-yellow color. Elegant nose dominated by apricot, chamomile flowers and quince . With a well-balanced mouth, nice acidity and light mineral sense. Pleasant cool aftertaste...

14.70€ 13.20€
Ex Tax: 10.65€

Oenops Vidiano 2018

The Oenops Vidiano comes comes from the mountainous vineyards of Heraklion in Crete. It is spontaneously fermented in inox, amphora and oak, blended soon and then matured on the lees for 6 months in e..

14.90€ 14.60€
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Zacharioudakis Vidiano 2018

Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification.Bright color with go..

13.00€ 12.60€
Ex Tax: 10.16€

Zacharioudakis Orthi Petra White 2017

Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification.Vidiano and Sauvigno..

12.30€ 11.90€
Ex Tax: 9.60€

Douloufakis Aspros Lagos (White Rabbit) White 2019

Gold color with greenish hues. Citrus fragrances with apricot and white flowers being dominant. Mouth exuberant and oily where the ripe fruit aromas are felt. Long-lasting vanilla aftertaste...

15.70€ 15.50€
Ex Tax: 12.50€

Lyrarakis Vidiano Ippodromos 2019

White with gold tones and nose with intriguing aromatic intensity, composed of a variety of scents like white flowers, lemon zest, pineapple, apricot and hints of vanilla and tobacco. Well-structured ..

15.70€ 15.30€
Ex Tax: 12.34€

Silva Daskalaki Enstikto White 2018

Pale yellow color, intense nose with dominent aromas of fresh yellow fruits, lemon and vanilla. Rich body, oily, with harmony and delicious, aromatic aftertaste...

14.60€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€

Miliarakis Turtle White 2019

Miliarakis Winery started to vinify local varieties in the early 1930s in Peza, Crete. One of the most important wineries in the Cretan wine business, works with dedication on both local and internati..

12.30€ 11.90€
Ex Tax: 9.60€