Wines from Tirnavos

The largest part of the Thessalian vineyard is located in Tyrnavos. In the lowlands with the northeast exposure to the sun, are cultivated the varieties Roditis, Savatiano, Batiki and Muscat of Hamburg, which produce P.G.I. Thessalia and P.G.I. Tyrnavos wines.
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Tsipouro Tirnavou with anise

Transparent, with delicate aromatic character, quite fresh, with herbal and floral accents. Mou..

12.30€Ex Tax: 9.92€

Aged Tsipouro Kardasis

Amber color with aromas of ripe fruit, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and wood. Εxuberant and balance..

35.60€Ex Tax: 28.71€

Tsipouro Dekaraki 700ml

Clear, crisp, colorless with dense tears that drop back at a medium speed. Clear and intense aroma..

12.00€Ex Tax: 9.68€

To Sinetairistiko Tsipouro Tirnavou without anise

It comes from the distillation exclusively of Muscat Tyrnavos grapes, giving a crystal clear disti..

11.60€Ex Tax: 9.35€

Old Spirit

An aged spirit with amber color and dynamic aromas of vanilla, rose, wood, honey and chocolate. Fu..

19.70€Ex Tax: 15.89€

Aged Tsipouro Katsaros

Bright amber color combining chocolate and white flowers aromas. On the palate it reveals crispy p..

40.60€ 39.80€Ex Tax: 32.10€

Mastic Liqueur Kardasi 500ml

Using "tears" from the mastic trees of southern Chios, Kardasia family created a special mastic li..

13.70€Ex Tax: 11.05€

Botanic Liqueur Kardasi 500ml

It is produced for the extraction of rare Greek and international aromatic herbs, seeds and fruits..

14.10€ 13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€

Jivaeri Tsipouro without anise 700ml

It comes from muscat grapes which ensure a distillate with high aromatic and rich flavor profile, ..

14.50€Ex Tax: 11.69€

Jivaeri Ouzo 700ml

Jivaeri is an ouzo coming from three distillation steps in order to maintain the cleaner of the so..

10.80€Ex Tax: 8.71€