Tsolis wines

Konstantinos Tsolis started his enterprise activity in 1993 in order to take advantage of Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards he had planted in the mid 1980s. The vineyards located in Gargalianoi, in the Prefecture of Messinia and his focused approach to the vinification process exhibited very soon the promising potential of Tsolis in the world of Greek wine. The quality of wines was further improved when, in 1999, Phillipos Koukis took charge of wine making. The winery maintains around 200 acres of privately owned vineyards planted with the varieties of Chardonnay, Roditis, Tempranillo and Cabernet.
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Annys Animus Merlot 2011

Black, solid color in a wine with a vibrant fruital character on the nose and scents of herbs. Typical aromas such as plum, fruit preserves, herbs and evening primrose as also sweet barrel hints. Mout..

22.60€Ex Tax: 18.23€

Annys Animus Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Clear, deep, dark cherry color. Exuberant nose filled with odors of red fruits, green pepper and pepper. There is a wonderful balance between freshness and maturity. It has a rich full-bodied mouth wi..

26.40€Ex Tax: 21.29€