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First studies at the Agricultural University of Athens where she graduated to get to know and study wine in France. First contact, however was at Montpellier where she worked as a research agronomist gestating the passion for the world of wine and her need to exercise as much as possible the observation of an area that was mastered and expanded greatly.

A year after, she began her studies at Bordeaux and her stage at The Chateau Margaux, having a double character, i.e. studying the terroir and winemaking methods. She, then, needed to change her knowledge and experience for avoiding confinement in secure options. Thus, she proceeded in consecutive vine harvests from Burgundy, Marlborough (NZ), Napa Valley, up to Mendoza (Argentina). Seeking today the old vine, indigenous varieties , those that incorporate the aromatic and genetic characteristics of each "terroir", she exercises consultative support for small producers that try to give a sign of authentic existence.  The cooperation with them is an enjoyable and valuable experience . At the same time, she gives her own "signature", through a project called ATHINÁ -Wine Group, especially in times of such major misunderstandings , where the 'Οstensible ' is confused with the real thing. She started ATHINÁ collection on 2011 with Santorini and Goumenissa and on 2012, she introduced ATHINÁ Xinomavro from Naoussa , which is still expected in the market.

In her case - oenologist & winemaker, she synergizes dynamically with the grape variety and the special cru that hosts it. Her own first touch is to embrace diversity and what is affordable, then identify what needs to be improved and what is necessary to be accepted . They say it's very useful, perhaps essential for an author to reconcile on the canvas with those can not do. This is what attracts us to great paintings, this deficiency that we could call "personality".

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Santorini ATHINÁ 2011 Out Of Stock

Santorini ATHINÁ 2011

Coming from choices of three vineyards from Megalochori of Thera (Santorini) and with the clear objective to exploit terroir yields and their specificities, this wine is distilled from the experience ..

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