Three cents beverages

Three Cents drinks creation team (Vassilis Kalantzis, George Bagos, George Tsirikos and Dimitris Dafopoulos) shared a common vision based on their passion for mixing perfect drinks. They attended seminars, searched components, tested & tasted, experimented with carbonation and bubbles, thoroughly searched and studied how to mix beverages to create imaginative and perfectly balanced cocktails. Today they should feel really proud for their work and its results.
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Three Cents Aegean Tonic

By combining high quality natural quinine with cucumber and only the finest herbs, spices and citruses of the Mediterranean region, we have created a tonic water so fresh and delicate that you may enj..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Lemon Tonic

This unique tonic is created by blending three different types of lemons from the Mediterranean region, high quality natural quinine and carbonated spring water. You may enjoy it alone, in coctails or..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Ginger Beer

A fiery mix of fresh ginger and spices combined with carbonated natural spring water, ideal for mules, punches and non alcoholic cocktails with a spicy kick. Three Cents Ginger Beer with its long last..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda

Three Cents embodied the unique aroma and flavour of fresh pink grapefruits in a supreme beverage. This first-class soda is created by using fresh fruits and it is distinguised for its intense and com..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Tonic Water

High quality tonic water created by combining the finest spring water and high quality natural quinine. It can be enjoyed alone but it will be a perfect companion for premium gins and vodkas. ..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Two Cents Plain Soda

By using natural spring water and high-quality carbon dioxide, a premium soda water of exceptional softness, ideal for bringing out the aromas of spirits and cocktails is created. Two Cents Plain refe..

0.95€ Ex Tax: 0.77€

Three Cents Gentlemen's Soda

This is a new premium soda by Three Cents which embodies the freshness and complexity of the most unique Mediterranean citrus in a refreshing drink. It combines the refreshing flavors and aromas of be..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Dry Tonic

Light as a feather, but without compromising in character and flavor, it combines the finest spring water with high quality natural quinine and the delicate lemony aromas of selected citruses and bota..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Cherry Soda

Cherry Soda brings back the nostalgic appeal of crafted cherry syrup as a vintage offering in soda fountain bars of the 30's. By captivating the precious almond aroma of the kernels and the floral and..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€

Three Cents Sparkling Lemonade

Sparkling Lemonade combines the warm and sweet undertones of Mediterranean lemons, with the tangy and slightly fermented aromas of the highly prized by chefs and bartenders, Australian finger lime. Cr..

1.40€ Ex Tax: 1.13€